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Spyder Fenix Paintball Gun

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Learn About the Spyder Fenix Below!

Kingman Spyder Fenix is a great entry level electronic paintball marker. It offers every thing you need just like the mid and higher end style markers. From the eye sensors to the adjustable board giving you 3 different firing modes to pick from. The Spyder Fenix is a great marker for the new guys getting in to the sport!

Entry Level Price - Great Performance

The Spyder Fenix has been dominating the entry level paintball marker world for some time now. Being under 200$ you can get in to the electronic world of paintball affordably! No spending 400-600$ for the marker alone, it's more like 400$ for the entire set up, marker, air tank, loader and goggle! The marker comes with a regulator already set to the operating pressure the marker works best with, this is a feature you see in markers selling for 400$+.

The electronic board that comes with the Spyder Fenix offers 3 different modes. The modes offered are Semi Automatic, Ramp P and Ramp M. Ramp P is also known as Ramp PSP, this a older tournament series that used a three round burst mode that shot as fast as 12 balls per second. Ramp M is the mode we all use now for tournaments, it is also knowns as Ramp Millennium this mode shoots 10 balls per second. When using the three round burst style modes, you run a higher chance on breaking paintballs in the marker but the Spyder Fenix has that part covered with the break beam eye system. The break beam eye system is what sees the paintball as it is falling in to the breach. A similar brand and leading competitor of the Spyder Fenix is the Azodin Blitz 4, check out the Azodin paintball guns here. This stop unwanted breaks in the marker when shooting high rates of fire. This is a feature that makes a huge difference when playing those aggressive speedball matches or shooting in a high rate of fire mode. Nothing is worse then a broken ball mid game which is why Spyder makes sure this is a factory feature!

Reliability and Ease of Cleaning

The Spyder Fenix is one of those markers that is insanely easy to clean and maintain. The bolt design is the same as the previous Kingman Spyder markers. The bolt is easily taken out to be cleaned and serviced with in minuets, the eyes have one screw to take out so you can keep them clean from dirt and potential broken paint to keep the marker feeding and shooting you high rates of fire. The marker comes with all the tools needed to take the entire marker apart as well as extra o'rings and seals just incase one goes bad you have extras you do not need to source. Reliability of the Spyder Fenix is just like any Kingman Spyder marker, proven and last a life time. The Kingman brand has been around longer then most of the paintballers currently playing and still making great gear for the new guys jumping head first in to their first or maybe second electronic marker. Check one out for your self, it won't disappoint!