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Luxe TM40 Paintball Gun

  • Infamous TM40 Nighthawk Deuce Trigger

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    Learn How to Install the TM40 Nighthawk Trigger LUXE DEUCE "NIGHTHAWK" TRIGGER TM40 ALL NEW FACETED DESIGN! The Luxe trigger you have been looking...

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    Original price $224.95 - Original price $224.95
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    The Luxe TM40 Mech frame now allows you to quickly and easily switch from your electronic, mowing faces, Shocker Amp to the mechanical version. Mec...

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  • Pre Owned - Luxe TM40 Tan Splash

    Original price $800.00
    Original price $800.00 - Original price $800.00
    Original price $800.00
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    $750.00 - $750.00
    Current price $750.00

    Pre Owned - Luxe TM40 Tan Splash  CONDITION: 8/10 INCLUDED: Marker, 2PC Freak Barrel with .689 and .684 Inserts. Lube, Barrel Sock, and case 

The TM40 Luxe will be the latest release from DLX in honor of Tim Montressor. 

Watch our LUXE Tm40 Shooting Video Here! 

Luxe TM40

Named in honor of Tim Montressor the TM40 is this most advanced release DLX has done to date. The Luxe TM40 is the newest iteration of the Luxe platform.  Coming packed with some new features like the TM40 Bolt System and some old favorites, like the Freak XL barrel kit. This new gun from DLX Paintball is going to be a contender for top gun for quite a while.  New for the Luxe platform is the option to go mechanical, sticking their toes into the water expect the Luxe TM40 to make a big splash at mech events like ICC.

TM40 Bolt System

The TM40 bolt system has been reworked from the ground up.  While the bolt system may look somewhat similar to the Luxe X bolt system this new TM40 Core that is where the similarity ends.  This new bolt system boasts larger volume and better flows meaning you can shoot the softest most brittle paint out there without any worry.  The new increased volume allows the Luxe TM40 to run at a lower operating pressure but still being able to fire your paintballs at the speed limit with no problem.  The new design provides better pathways for the air to flow makes the gun shoot wicked fast even when it is set up for mechanical.


TM40 Frame System

Back with the TM40 is the quick release toolless grip removal, this feature is fantastic for breaking the gun down for fast cleaning.  Easily done by simply removing the bolt, unlocking the latch found at the back of the gun and the latch at the front of the frame then the frame just comes loose.  This quick removal frame is an ideal combination for a gun that can switch from electronic to mechanical in the middle of the day. 


TM40 Flex-PWR

The Luxe TM40 comes with a new battery that allows it to be charged in the gun using a cable like we have always done or you can remove it and through it in the optional charger to charge your gun quickly.  The new lithium cell battery carries a charge almost three times longer than previous Luxe batteries, less charging means more time playing am I right?


TM40 Breach System

New low angle ball detents can handle even the most brittle of paintballs out there.  These new ball detents also have an increased life span because of how soft they are on paint.  The eye system of the TM40 can be serviced without tools making it a snap to work on.


TM40 Barrel System

The TM40 like the Luxe X is going to come with Freak XL the best variable barrel system on the market.  Utilizing new longer control bore the Freak XL offers unparalleled performance and accuracy.  The TM40 comes with the .687 insert from factory with other inserts being available for purchase separately.


TM40 vs Luxe X

The TM40 is going to feel very similar in the hands to the Luxe X because they share the same ergonomics profiles. The new grips of the TM40 are more tacky in your hands, it certainly feels like you have a solid grip when you are holding the TM40.  The shot between the two is different, the Luxe X has what would be characterized as a snappy shot, taking this criticism into account DLX found a way to give you the same great reliability of the Luxe X but with their legendary smooth shot.  The TM40 beats the Luxe X in every metric, from shot, to reliability, to even looks.  You cannot go wrong with the TM40 that’s for sure.