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Planet Eclipse Geo 4 Paintball Gun

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Learn about the Eclipse Geo 4

Video - Watch our Geo 4 Shooting Video Here

The Geo is a platform with a proven track record in tournament paintball. It has been winning events and series titles for almost a decade. The Geo 4 follows in that tradition of winning. This gun is everything you need to win. Its super smooth shot, high efficiency, reliability, and comfortable ergonomics make the Geo 4 one of the highest performing guns in the sport. The Geo 4 just looks awesome with its new milling, the little stripes on the body and back cap remind me of racing stripes and are nice touch to the gun. The gun comes in a bunch of awesome colors Zircon, Emerald, Fire Opal, Amethyst, Moon Stone, and Midnight; there are going to be a bunch of ways to swap parts around and get some really amazing colorways on this gun.


The POPS ASA is back and this time beautiful cut to match the gun. POPS stand for Push On Purge System and is one of the best ASAs around. It features a two tone anodize so that it reflects the gun wonderfully. Still getting the great performance from the ASA like on previous Planet Eclipse models. This ASA is easy to use and works like a charm, simply push the bonnet closed to turn on the air and then hit the silver button on the side to turn the air off. Another great point for the POPS ASA is that it comes milled with directions on how to adjust the velocity of your Geo 4.



Ergonomics (No more AT-PIPE)

This new Geo 4 is completely hose-less, meaning that there is no macro line getting in the way like on the Geo 1 to 3 models and there is no AT-Pipe like on the Geo 3.1 and Geo 3.5. This model has that crowd-pleasing grip frame angle from the Geo 3.5 making the gun just feel amazing in the hands. The foregrip with out the AT-Pipe is nice, comfortable, and is great for switching hands because you have nothing to get in the way. The foregrip is comfortable and grippy over the entirety of the grip. At no point do you feel that this will slip out of your hands despite it not being contoured like other high-end paintball guns.

Geo 4 Grips

The Geo 4 uses the tool-less grips from the CS2. These grips are comfortable, slim, and sleek. They hold on to the gun using overlapping lips from the back strip and the wrap around grip that is then held in place with a sliding lock. These grips are incredibly easy to remove making cleaning under them a cinch. Check out our selection of Eclipse Upgrades as well. The foregrip is a one piece rubberized grip that just pulls on and off to install. This grip hides the new location of the batteries in the Geo 4 which have be conveniently moved from the grip frame to the foregrip. These grips also hide the slide locks for the eye covers on this new model of Geo. Gone are the days of looking for an allen key to take off your eye covers in the middle of the day because you broke some paint, on the new Geo 4 all you have to do is pull down on the rubber foregrip, removing it, and exposing the release for the eye covers, never has cleaning your eyes on a Geo been this easy.

Geo 4 Regulator

The regulator has been moved from the foregrip in this latest Geo. It is not cleverly hidden inside the grip frame making an air transfer pipe a thing of the past. The POPS ASA covers the regulator so that access to it is a snap! No more flipping up a rubber grip, taking the end cap off, removing some

kind of air-line, then completely removing the grip, to then have to unscrew the regulator from the body to then still have to use an allen key to push the velocity adjuster out the top to get to all of the piece of the regulator. The new design is fantastic for maintenance, just remove the two screws from the ASA, while it is not aired up, and you immediately have access to all the parts of the regulator. This is a big plus for the maintenance lover in all of us.

Geo IV Core

The Geo IV Core is legendary in paintball. This is one of the smoothest shooting engines out there, it is on par with the Vanquish GT for how smooth the shot is on the Geo 4. It is easy maintenance, just lube it every now and then and you will be good to go. For it providing such a smooth shot you would expect it to be pretty inefficient, but it can shoot around 1300 shots off of a 68/4500 bottle. Surprisingly good if you ask me, that is over nine pods and that is pretty much a full pack.

Shaft FL Barrel Upgrade

The Geo 4 comes with the new Shaft FL barrel with aluminum tip from Planet Eclipse which is a great barrel system, but it only comes with one back. To have an entire kit you will need to buy the other backs or switch up to something like the Freak XL barrel kit for your Geo 4. The Geo 4 uses the same trigger shoe technology as the Planet Eclipse 170R and that means that the Infamous Deuce Triggers can fit on your Geo 4 marker. Check out and shop all of our paintball barrels that will fit the Planet Eclipse guns. There are colored grip kits that will fit the Geo 4 and will be a great accent piece to the gun, the CS2 grip kits the grip frame grips will fit the Geo 4 and those little accent colors will definitely make your Geo pop at the field or in the pits.

Geo 4 vs CS2

Video - Watch our CS2 Pro Shooting Video

The Geo 4 is a super smooth, wonderfully wieldy marker. Its ergonomics are great. It has virtually no kick when firing. Is reasonably efficient, getting a hopper and nine pods from a 68/4500 fill. The CS2 is the flagship marker of Planet Eclipse. This is their highest cost marker and is now released as the CS2 Pro, meaning that for that cost you get a barrel kit, an extra, and the gun. The CS2 was designed with reliability in mind so it does not need as much maintenance as a Geo 4 would per say, but maintenance on the Geo 4 is easily and most importantly quickly done. The CS2 is going to have a snappy shot especially compared to the Geo 4 with its hyper smooth shot. The screens and information displayed there will be the same between both guns. The trigger feel is way different between the two guns. If you love the way your Geo 3.5 trigger felt then you will love the Geo 4 because the triggers will feel the same unlike the new trigger mechanism on the CS2. You can see all of our Planet Eclipse paintball guns online as well. If you want extreme high performance with out breaking the bank then the Geo 4 is for you.