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Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro Paintball Gun

  • Planet Eclipse CS2 Mech Frame Kit - Black

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    CS2 Mechanical Frame Upgrade  The mechanical paintball world is blowing up the last few years. Planet Eclipse has now released the CS2 mechanica...

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Learn About the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro 

Video - CS2 Pro Shooting Video 

Planet Eclipse CS2 PRO is a marker designed with a Pro mindset! From the ergonomics of the grips, to the barrel kit that comes standard and the bolt system that recycles unused air, you will have every tool you need to win! Planet Eclipse has all ways been at the top of their game with all the markers they have produced giving the players a marker you can always count on!

CS2 Mech Frame Upgrade

Shop for the CS2 Mech frame here. 

With the release of the CS2 mech frame, the years of CS2 owners can now turn their CS2 into a mechanical paintball gun to play mech only events. We got a chance to shoot the CS2 with the mech frame and it was incredible. Planet Eclipse hit a home run with this new frame.

Video - Shooting the  CS2 with Mech Frame 

The CS2 Barrel

The CS2 PRO comes from Planet Eclipse with a 14.25" barrel that accepts the Shaft FL Bore Sections, the included sizes are .698. .685 and .681. The .689 & .685 come color matched to the CS2 Pro and the .681 comes in black. This is makes it very easy to memorize which size is which when bore sizing!

Planet Eclipse Gamme Core

Planet Eclipse has knocked this bolt system out of the park! The Gamma Core is one of the best bolt systems they have ever created. From the super low 105 PSI Operating pressure to recycling air that was unused back into the bolt system for the next shot... it does it all! The CS2 Pro comes with two different style bolts, one is the standard metal faced bolt and the other is a soft face rubber tipped bolt for the ultra brittle paint or that cold day where paint of any level keeps breaking in your marker!

Can we take a second to talk about the electronics of CS2? The electronics in the CS2 Pro are unmatched, from the big LCD screen that you can change the color of the background light to the ease of surfing through the modes without checking that pesky manual. There is one thing I have to ask you... Did you know they have made the boards Bluetooth capable? Well if you are reading this THEY HAVE! You can now connect your hopper( If it has Bluetooth ) to your CS2 Pro and your hopper will match your rate of fire!!! This is the future and Planet Eclipse is always ahead of the game!

Moving on but staying in the same area, TRIGGERS! Planet Eclipse goes above and beyond for the customer, not only do you just get the Blade trigger... they also give you the Scythe trigger in matching colors! TWO TRIGGERS FOR ONE PRICE!

Planet Eclipse Hard Case

One thing I have not talked about is what comes in the box. When you first get your CS2 Pro it will come in a hard metal zipper case to keep it protected during travel to the field or even when flying! It also comes with all the tools you need to maintain your marker, grease to keep all seals fresh and lubed and an o'ring parts kit with all o'rings you would need for the entire marker. We have personally seen how much abuse the case can take, even if it's UPS playing soccer with you box.

Planet Eclipse has always been customers first! This can be seen from their amazing customer service all the way to the warranty they offer head to toe or should I say feedneck to asa. If you are in the market for a new high end paintball marker, let the Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro be your tool to WIN!