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Planet Eclipse Etha2 Paintball Gun

UPDATE: The Etha 2 has been replaced with the all new Planet Eclipse Etha 3

Learn About the Planet Eclipse Etha 2

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The Etha 2 from Planet Eclipse is their mid-level entry into the paintball marker market. This amazing marker is jam packed with features such as being PAL Loader Enabled, Lock N' Load Battery System, the Gamma Core running the gun, and awesome user features like Tool-Less Grips. The gun is lightweight, easy to use, and has a ton of aftermarket parts to customize the gun to make it really stand out as your gun. The Etha 2 has a great shot, one not expected to have in the mid-range level, the shot is soft, crisp, and sounds great. Planet Eclipse knocked it out of the park with the Etha 2 giving you the performance needed to dominate on the tournament field and also feel right at home out in the woods.

What hopper does the Etha 2 use? 
The PAL Loader System is an innovative feature from Planet Eclipse, giving you the ability to use a PAL Loader to feed your Etha 2 Paintball gun. The way it works is that when the gun shoots, the bolt sliding forward hits a plunger located inside the feed neck that then actuates a piston that agitates a tray inside the loader to feed paintball into your gun. This system means you do not have to buy an expensive hopper to feed your gun reliably. The PAL system using the gun to work the Hopper into feeding the paintballs also means you do not have batteries in your hopper so once less thing to worry about when you are going to play paintball.

What kind of battery does the Etha 2 use? 
This battery system is easily accessed because it requires no tools to get into the battery compartment. Other paintball markers require you to remove the grips or a panel to get to your battery, needing tools to do this can be frustrating at the field. Dropping the screws on the ground, not having the right tool to remove the screws in the first place, no one wants that hassle and Planet Eclipse agrees.The Lock N' Load Battery System uses a manual lock and a push button to drop the battery tray giving you access to the 9 volt battery that powers the gun.The whole system is incredibly hidden in the front grip of the gun, if you do not know what you are looking for you would never guess it was there. On top of the discreet design the compartment is just snug enough that your battery does not rattle around in there, no weird unexplained sounds coming from the battery banging around in its home is piece of mind.

What bolt is in the Eclipse Etha 2? 
The Gamma Core is Planet Eclipse's new flagship bolt system. It features unparalleled reliability, Planet Eclipse really focused this system to work no matter what and it shows, the Gamma Core is virtually bullet proof, it just keeps working and working. The new snappy shot from this system is actually fun to shoot and it sounds awesome as well. It is incredibly efficient as well, shooting more than 9 pods off of a 68/4500 psi tank. The Gamma Core is also great on paint, being able to shoot some of the most brittle paint in paintball with absolutely no problem. Planet Eclipse even has the ST3 Soft Face Bolt for the Etha 2 making your marker even softer on paint than it was before which is unbelievable. The engine running the Etha 2 is all about top level performance you can rely on no matter the kind of paintball you play making this a great choice for anyone regardless of experience level.

How do you turn the air on the Etha 2? 
The Push on Purge System from Planet Eclipse featured on the Etha 2 is a huge quality of life piece on the gun. This on/off air system is easy to use to turn your air on or off to make attaching the tank or removing the tank from the gun a breeze. The most amazing part of the POPS on/off is that when you turn off the air the gun is able to purge the air in the gun, what this means is that your marker will not hold an extra shot of air in it after you remove the tank. No more accidentally shooting a paintball into your barrel sock when you removed the tank thinking there was no more air left in the gun. We have all done that and it is no shame, but Planet Eclipse has you covered, and that problem is a thing of the past.

Can you upgrade the Etha 2? 
Items like an Inception Designs FLE body kit reduce the weight of an already light weight gun even lighter by replacing the body with an ultra-thin all aluminum low profile body. Planet Eclipse even makes custom replacement bodies featuring cool graphic designs, like Cash Money, Hearts, or Skulls. Exalt also makes parts to upgrade your Etha 2 like aluminum candy colored Eye Covers, Feedneck Levers, Bolt Caps which make removing your bolt for service a breeze, and Thumb Screws. All of these parts come in a variety of colors like red and blue or even pewter, so you can match your gun to your style.
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