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Tippmann 98 Paintball Gun

Learn about the Tippmann 98 paintball gun.

The Tippmann 98 Custom is Tippmann's flagship gun used by almost everyone at least once in their paintball career. The Tippmann 98 is the standard for reliability for any paintball gun out there. The Tippmann 98 custom has a full metal body, steel braided line and a  solid bolt system. The Tippmann 98 is the definition of tough and reliable. Used by most fields for rental guns, this gun is the most popular of the entry level paintball guns.

The 98 Custom comes with Allen keys to take apart the gun, barrel sock for safety, barrel cleaner to clean any dirt or paint out of the barrel, and a small O-ring kit with lubricate in the box for any cleaning. Check out the other Tippmann paintball guns if you are shopping around. The Tippmann 98 comes with a for grip, barrel, and sling mount on the back of the gun. Tippmann's 98 custom also has picatinny rails on top that allows you to add any attachments you want for example, red dot or sniper scope for better accuracy.

Tippmann 98 Upgrades

This gun also has multiple modifications from electronic frames to response triggers to help improve the rate of fire. In addition, multiple upgrades are available. Such as, Stocks for better control, barrel attachments for better accuracy, fake mags, cyclone hopper system to help feed the paintballs faster, flatline barrels, and more . The Tippmann 98 Custom has its own barrel threading called "98 thread". The 98 is one of the most modifiable guns available on the market.

Having the ability to make as custom as you see fit. From adding more picatinny railing to adding a folding stock, installation is not very difficult. Inside the gun there are not many parts to maintain or keep clean. Taking apart this gun isn't the simplest, but with a minimal number of parts they're a breeze to clean and service.

Most common upgrade is the Tippmann Cyclone feed hopper system. The cyclone feed system allows the gun to able to shoot at a higher rate of speed and keep up with any other gun on the market