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Tippmann Stormer Paintball Gun

Learn All About the Tippmann Stormers Below!

The all new Tippmann Stormer tactical line is the latest release from the leading tactical gun producer. The Stormer line includes 3 different levels to cover all of your tactical paintball needs. 


Tippmann Stormer

The Tippmann Stormer is the newest marker in Tippmann's entry level paintball gun lineup. The Stormer comes in three different setups, the Stormer Basic, the Stormer Tactical, and the Stormer Elite. All offering different variations they are at their core the same gun. Being made by Tippmann the Stormer is backed with Tippmann's legendary reputation of durability and reliability.

Bolt System

Featuring the tested and proven Tippmann inline bolt system this gun will deliver shot after shot with no problems. This is the same bolt system that you will find in Tippmann's other markers like the 98 Custom, Tippmann A5, and Tippmann TMC. There is a reason that even the paintball fields use Tippmann guns as rental equipment and that is because no matter what you throw at it the paintball marker is just going to work. The Tippmann Stormer is fully able to use either compressed air or CO2 to run the gun. Capable of getting over 800 shots from a 20 ounce CO2 bottle, the Tippmann Stormer is as efficient as it is reliable.


The Grips

The Stormer in all of its models come with a pistol grip and movable foregrip. The foregrip uses two screws to attach it to the picatinny railing found on the gun. It is textures to provide a good grip without any slipping enabling you to always have a good grip on the gun and to be able to wield it well. The Stormer also features a comfortable pistol grip that fits nicely in the hand that does not cramp or over stretch the fingers. With the design of both grips you are able to aim the gun well and pull the trigger with ease. You will definitely like having the Stormer in your hands.


Tippmann Stormer Basic

See the Stormer Basic Shooting video Here

The Basic model of the Stormer is only what you need in a paintball gun. The top and bottom of the body has standard picatinny railing capable of holding any sight and or foregrip. The gun comes ready to get out on the field and play a game right out of the box. The gun is light and points very well, the feed neck for the hopper is out of the way and unobtrusive. The gun does come with a set of easy to install iron sights but those can be replaced with any other sight that fits on picatinny railing.

Tippmann Stormer Tactical

Watch our Stormer Tactical Shooting Video Here

The Tactical version of the Stormer comes with an adjustable stock, barrel shroud for looks, and pop up sights. This version of the gun looks extremely cool. Installing the stock is easy just needing a single screw to install. The barrel shroud extends the picatinny railing all the way down the gun on top and bottom to the barrel tip. The pop up sights are cool and fun, when laid down the work as a low profile sight and when popped up they work as an over the top sight.

Tippmann Stormer Elite

Check out our Stormer Elite Shooting Video Here

The Stormer Elite is the cream of the crop for the Tippmann Stormer platform. This package comes with the adjustable stock, barrel shroud, and pop up sights that come with the Stormer Tactical, but the Elite also comes ready for magazine fed paintball. The mag well is situated right in front of the trigger and features an easy to use magazine release button. The magazines the Elite takes are the same as the Tippmann TMC Magazine, now which come with the speed loader add on already installed. This version of the Stormer is a great entry point in to magazine fed paintball for someone looking to try out that style of paintball without breaking the bank. The Stormer Elite can accept a hopper though with a quick conversion with the tools and parts that come with Stormer Elite standard.

The Tippmann Stormer in any of its package models is a great gun for those just starting out in paintball or for those coming back to the game and want something that just looks cool. The gun is reliable and should not give any player any issues regardless of their technical experience level, the gun is easy to work should the need ever arise. With Tippmann behind you you know that the Stormer is going to be a fun gun to use.