Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun

Tippmann A5 Semi Auto Paintball Marker - Black - Pro Edge Paintball

Tippmann A5 Semi Auto Paintball Marker - Black

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Features & Pro Edge Rating:  Items Included ⍰: Paintball Gun, Tool Kit, Spare O rings, Barrel Sock, and cyclone feed hopper  Paintball ...

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Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun with  Response Trigger Kit - Pro Edge Paintball

Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun with Response Trigger Kit

In-Store and Online


This item only includes the paintball gun. A hopper, air tank, mask and paintballs sold separately.  This is the NEW version Tippmann A5! The bla...

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Learn About the Tippmann A5 Below! 

The Tippmann A5 has been a staple for paintball since the early 2000's for reliability, durability and speed! The Tippmann A5 is Tippmann's best selling marker. It came out in 2002 and has been all around the world for all paintballers to get their hands on. It offers a easy take down that requires no tools to service and clean the marker on those nasty days of play! 4 push pins is all you need to take out for the entire marker to be cleaned or serviced!

Tippmann Upgrades

The A5 is one of the most upgradable markers Tippmann has to offer, from it looking like a MP5 to a M4 Tippmann has all the upgrades covered! Not to mention the E-Grip that can shoot 15+Balls per second or the response trigger if you don’t like to deal with batteries dying mid game! With the Cyclone hopper already included there’s no reason to look into any electronic hoppers! There are many other upgrades the Tippmann A5 has and the list is long but a few of the popular are; Barrels like the Flat Line Barrel sold by and for Tippmann, Shrouds to make that MP5 or M4 come to life, Stocks of all sorts from folding to collapsible and many more parts to make it one of a kind! Learn How to Install a Stock onto the Tippmann A5

Cyclone Feed Hopper System

The Cyclone System works based on the air the marker is already using. It does not take away from the efficiency The marker can achieve and best part... NO BATTERIES!!! Who doesn't like the fact that all you need to do is screw in your air tank and go shoot! Simplicity and reliability is what Tippmann goes for when making paintball markers.

The A5 Durability and Cleaning

Tippmann has always been known for the durability of their markers. We joke at the shop but you could build a house with this and use it the same day to play no issues. We have seen some A5's that look like they need to be retired but they will keep going for years to come! Cleaning is so easy on the Tippmann A5 with the push pins to dissemble the marker to slide out the bolt system for cleaning and maintenance. One thing we love is how the many O-rings are in the bolt system! For us the more O-rings there are the harder it can be to track down that issue. The A5 has a total of 4 O-rings ( Even including the bolt tip O-ring ) that you have to clean and oil once every few times you play. That's what makes the Tippmann A5 one of the most popular woodsball style markers on earth!
If you are looking for a marker you can always count on to work when you pull it out of your bag or a marker for a new friend to use on their first time out make it the Tippmann A5 and you won't regret your purchase. Just look around the next time you are at the field playing and count how many Tippmann A5's you see...