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Luxe X Paintball Guns

UPDATE: The DLX Luxe X has been discontinued and has been replaced with the new DLX TM40 Luxe. Shop the new TM40 Luxe here. 

Learn about the DLX Luxe X

 DLX Technologies has been making some of the highest performance tournament ready paintball markers for years. Their premiere gun is named the Luxe and the Luxe has gone through significant performance upgrades through the years starting with the Luxe 1.0 and what we have now the Luxe X celebrating ten years of innovation from the company.

DLX Luxe X Features

X-Core Bolt System
The Luxe X boasts vastly improved efficiency over the previous models. The new X-core Bolt System in the Luxe X is focused on getting you more shots out of your tank while still providing you with one of the smoothest shots in all of paintball. The Luxe X is capable of getting over 1600 shots or 12 pods on a Ninja air tank such as the 77 4500 tank with a full fill making it one of the more efficient paintball guns on the market.

DLX Luxe X Toolless Disassembly
The Luxe X comes with all new toolless disassembly. Using the new Pro-Lock Frame System the whole grip frame can be removed without tools in seconds. The Grips pop off easily allowing access to the Roto-Mount Electronics which makes removing the board a breeze.

The Roto-Mount Electronics utilize turning locking pins to hold the electronics into the frame of the Luxe X, this means no more screws holding your board into the marker. The Inteli-Connect system makes matching frame and body back together to connect the electronics a snap by using specially designed contact pads to pair the boards together.

Another new addition over the previous iterations of the Luxe is the new Flex-PWR Battery System. The new design allows easy removal of the Luxe X battery so swapping batteries out of the fly is a piece of cake. You can also buy extra Luxe batteries plus other paintball upgrades

Luxe X Flex-PWR Battery
The Luxe X uses a new, longer lasting lithium cell battery. The battery is easily removable using a locking pin to hold it in giving you the option to swap batteries easily through out the day. This new battery offers a variety of methods to charge your battery like inside the paintball gun using included cable or via an outside charging pack.
EZ-Axis Trigger System

The new trigger system keeps in line with the easy disassembly design of the Luxe X. The trigger is removed by popping open the grips which can be done tool-lessly and then removing the single mounting screw. This feature works great in conjunction with the number of aftermarket triggers for the Luxe X.

Improved Ergonomics
The Luxe X uses the fan favorite ergonomic from the previous Luxe Ice model. Featuring a much sleeker design from the Luxe 1.0 and 2.0 models the gun feels extremely good in the hands. The angled forward front grip combined with the new sleek design makes the Luxe X a joy to hold. There are also some great upgraded triggers for the Luxe, be sure to check out the HK Luxe X triggers! 

GOG Freak XL Barrel
The new longer insert Freak XL barrel comes standard with the Luxe X in matching ano to the gun. Dlx includes the most popular size Freak XL Insert the .687 which will fit most paint you will find at your local field or shop. Other Inserts are available in a range of sizes.

The carrying case the Luxe X comes in is a tough, well built case. The case is hard backed and features a rugged and durable outer cloth that can stand up to quite a bit of punishment. Carrying your gun to the field is great with the case's comfortable rubber gripped carrying handle.

Inside the case is sleek and soft cradling your Luxe X in a fitted recess. The sides of the case a divided by hard thin piece of plastic that protects your Luxe X from banging against the barrel. Included in your case is a battery charger, quick start manual, and a small parts kit complete with lube.

The case is capable of hold the Luxe X, Freak XL barrel, two Freak XL inserts, charger, lube, and small parts kit, everything you need for a day of play.

One of the best things about Luxe markers is all the awesome colorways the guns can come in. They feature some of the nicest factory anodizes in the paintball world such as fades, splashes, 3D splashes and even some super amazing ones like a paintbrush American Flag or Galaxy inspired ano's.

DLX Technologies has also partnered with HK Army to release to custom milled versions of the Luxe X. The Ripper Luxe X which is throw back to the early days of custom paintball gun milling and alway a crowd favorite. The other milling is called the A51 or Area 51 and has an alien spaceship inspiration looks otherworldly.

Dlx offers a number of cool colored accent kits to add your own flair to your Luxe X. These kits include eye covers, back cap, Freak XL barrel back, and ASA on/off Lever. Kits come in a variety of colors from gold to purple.

DLX Luxe X VS Planet Eclipse CS2
The Luxe X vs the CS2 and Planet Eclipse CS2 pro is a very tight match up. Both guns are very efficient and very reliable. The biggest differences between the Luxe X and the CS2 or CS2pro is going to be barrel, easy of disassembly, and most importantly how the gun feels in your hand. The Luxe X only needs tools to take apart the Max-Flo regulator, the rest of the gun is taken apart completely with out tools whereas to completely disassemble the CS2 you will need some tools to remove things like the grip frame.

Next upon the differences will be the barrels the guns come with, while both feature longer control bore barrels the Luxe X features the Freak XL barrel kit giving you more options on the inserts than the CS2 gives on the Shaft FL barrel backs. Both guns are extremely light, but they will feel differently in your hand because the spacing of the grip and foregrip is different.

We recommend that holding each one for yourself will be the best way to make the decision but you cannot really go wrong with either of these winning markers.

Luxe Firing Modes
DLX Technologies includes in their paintball guns all the most popular tournament paintball modes like the NXL Ramp firing mode. It is completely capable of competing at the highest levels of tournament competitive play with its top notch consistency over the chronograph, lightweight, and smooth, efficient shot.

This gun is at home on the speedball and airball field, but its high level performance makes it a great shooter for woodsball and recreational play as well. The performance level of this gun is perfect for anyone wanting a premium experience regardless of style of paintball they play.

DLX Luxe Performance History 
Dlx Technologies has consistently released one of the highest performing tournament paintball markers for a decade now. The Luxe X is currently used by Professional NXL teams such as Houston Heat, who are back to back World Cup Champions, Tampa Bay Damage, and San Diego Aftermath. The DLX Luxes have been used by winning tournament teams over the years like Houston Heat, Art Chaos, and Dynasty.

The Luxe has a tournament paintball winning tradition and that continues in the Luxe X winning back to back World Cup Championships. DLX Technologies is up on the pinnacle of top tournament paintball guns.



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