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Worth It? HK Army Evo Metal Speed Feed - 50+


Hey, everyone. John Jackson here with Pro Edge Paintball. Today, I've got the HK Army Evo Speed Feed. If you're new to paintball, I'm going to explain what that is and what that means. And also for the players out there that already play, I'm going to answer, is it worth the price?

Product Details - HK Army Evo Speed Feed

So, the HK Army Evo Speed Feed is an all metal aluminum Speed Feed. It will fit the Virtue Spire IR, the IR2, the Spire 4, 5, the Bunker Kings control loader, and the HK sonic loader, the new loader from HK. These are loader specific. So, if you have like a halo or a dye loader, this Speed Feed will not work. There are other options for you we have available on our website. So, if you're new to paintball, a Speed Feed is a device that allows you to remove the lid from your hopper and replace it with what's called a Speed Feed, which allows you to still keep the paint balls from falling out while pouring paint balls in fast and when you're reloading. So, you can shoot. If you ever watch any videos, you can shoot, reload without having to open or close your lid. The number one most popular question I get about the HK Army Evo Speed Feed is why is it so expensive and is it worth it?
So, to compare it to other Speed Feeds, for example, this is an HK Army SFR, Speed Feed. It is a plastic on the outside and rubber tabs on the inside. And this is just straight out of the package. If you can tell already some of the fingers in here, I don't want to say worn out because this is brand new out of the package, but they're plastic. The number one issue you're going to run into a plastic speed feed is if you ever get shot from a semi-close distance, the speed feed, the finger itself could break off. So, much so that Virtue already includes one in the package and not the dog on the speed feed. It's going to do what you need to. It's just not going to work as well as the nicest one will, which I believe is going to be the HK Army Evo Speed Feed.


These are $29.95. There's another option out there. This is one of the very first Speed Feeds, Virtue, made available. It's one of the first spring finger ones, I believe, which is really nice.

So, similar to the HK Army one, the Virtue Speed Feed has a little spring inside the finger for spring finger, and it actually makes it perfect. So, the weight of it, one ball can go in at a time, but it's enough spring to basically spring it back up and close it up. So, these are great options for a lesser price, but they're not going to last you as long. They are going to break. Again, they include an extra spring or extra finger inside just in case they do break.

So, back to the question, is it worth the price? I personally think it is. For $54.95, you get an all metal, aluminum, custom color speed feed that's not going to break unless you run it over with your car. Pretty much that's the only time I've ever seen one broken. If somebody takes it, smashes it, runs it over with something. But normal use on a paintball gun on a paintball field, you're not going to have any problems with it, from my experience. I've used it a little bit over a year, and I absolutely love they can customize the color. So, my gun is silver and red. So, of course, I got the silver and red one there. Not only is the HK Army Evo Speed feed going to be extremely durable, but also it's available in more colors than any other Speed Feed out there.

In total, I believe there are 64 different color combinations. Of course, I don't have them all here today because we do custom build them. But this, for example, is a purple with black. We've got your red with gold. I believe you have your blue with black and your red with black. And like my personal one, we have a silver with red. So what we do is we take the ring of the speed feed and the fingers, separate them, and then pick the color of these fingers that you want inside the speed feed.
So, if you wanted, for example, like this one, a red with gold, or you could mix it. You could do red teeth with a gold ring. We have that option as well on our website, proedgepaintball.com. Check it out. I go in there and type in, Evo Speed Feed to pull up all our color options. As you can tell, these are very reliable, durable, cool looking Speed Feed. The Speed Feed also is extremely easy to install.

So, you would just remove your lid. There's a small button type you press into here. You're going to wiggle it back and forth. It's going to lock into place. So, it's difficult to get out at first, work it out. And then whatever speed feed you have, you want to click it back in just like that. I'm going to press the button here in the back. So, it has a little spring tension on it. So, that way it locks into place. I'm going to latch it into place here. Once you get it into place, it's not opening up.
No matter what you do, it's not going to open up until I press the button and it opens up. So, if you want to open it up like a lid before a game, right in the middle of the game, it is locked and loaded, ready to go, not going to come apart and carry the whole loader just from the teeth. So, nothing's going to break.
Very durable.


Like I mentioned, these are all available on our website, proedgepaintball.com. If you have any questions or any comments, if you have a speed feed that you prefer over the HK Army Speed feed, make sure to comment below. Give me a shout out to let me know what you think. Don't forget all these colors are available on our website, proedgepaintball. Com. If you like our weekly videos, make sure you like this video and subscribe. By liking the video, you really help our video and show up to other players like yourself that might be looking for new paintball tips and different reviews and all that good stuff. So, again, if you have any comments or any questions, make sure to give me a shout out below in the comments. Otherwise, thank you guys so much for watching.

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