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Planet Eclipse Holdall Bag Test - How much does it hold?

Introduction to Pro Edge Paintball

Hey, guys. John here with Pro Edge paintball. Today, I've got the Planet Eclipse holdall Duffle bag. They've had this bag around for a few years, but I want to see how much it'll hold. I want to show you how much it'll hold.
So, we've got the new colors here. We'll go reach one of those. And then I've got some gear that we're going to cram in here and see just how much. What all we can fit in there, see if we can fit a full setup. First, let's move these out of the way. We got five new colors for this year and two old colors. So, first one's up. I like the new two-tone here. They've got the two-tone color combo. They didn't do that before. Duffle bag, give you a little overview. Got the carry handle. And then I think there is the shoulder strap here, too. Let's open this one up, at least on the first one, so I can show you what's going on. Shoulder strap. Got the matching little print there. That's cool. Throw it on.

Good to go.

Product Details and Pricing

So, this bag is perfect for an extra bag. If you already have a large gear bag and you have some handful of stuff you want to take to the field, or if you're new to paintball and you're getting started and you don't want to spin an arm and a leg on a gear bag. These are, I think they're $49.95, $39.95. I will make sure I comment and make sure I get the correct price for you. But pretty inexpensive bag, pretty good. I've got the two tone. This is the first color. This is their Sub-Zero, of course, like the blue. Good to go. Okay. We've got the Revolution color here. Same thing. Carry handle, same thing on the side. It's got your little Velcro pocket for your ID. So, if you need to show maybe your player card at an event or you just want to have your ID, maybe some cash in there. Can you put some cash? Yeah, put some cash for lunch money. You know, Max, we put some lunch money in there for you. I think that's the only pocket on the outside. You've got your main compartment here. Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. You've got main compartment on the inside. And you do have one small zipper pocket right there. So, you put your phone, keys, wallet on the inside there so it's safe. Carrying handles on both ends, so you can hold it pretty easy. This one pocket on the end of it here is really nice. It's got their plastic type gray lining on the inside that their large bags have that the large compartment does not. And I would assume this is probably for dirty clothes or a pair of cleats, mainly because it's not going to stain the material on the inside of it. So, if you put paint-filled, paintball pants in the large compartment, you're going to get paint on everything. It's going to be stained on the actually the cloth material. But in this one here, it can be wiped down really easy. So, looking at this, probably we recommend put dirty cleats or dirty pants or something extremely dirty covered in paint, maybe even a dirty loader inside that pocket there. So, this is your revolution.

This one, let's see what color we got here. This is what's called their Midnight. So, all gray and black. Pretty good size there. So, we're looking at probably about two feet in width and then thickness, probably about a foot, a foot and a half maybe. So, a foot and a quarter.

Good to go.

Pretty heavy duty stitching, it looks like. We've got some rivets here on the top. So, it looks like you've put some weight in here. Usually, when we have these on display in the store we put a case of paint inside to make it blow up. So you can hold at least a case of paint size wise in here. So there's your midnight. Of course, these are available on our website, proedgepaintball.com, proedgepb.com. Either one of those goes to the same place. You can search hold all, one word, or you might be the whole Duffle or typing Duffle bag in the search and these will pull up or click on the gear bag section. It'll list all the gear bags in there. All right, next color. Like I said, five new colors for 2023 and then two colors from the previous years so this one here. This one here, this is their Poison color. It's nice little highlight. Nothing too crazy, I don't think. If you're not familiar with this, it actually has the Eclipse E in the logo. You see that there. You might not have noticed that before. It's cool. And last new color, that one was Poison. This one is going to be their Dark haze. So, it's got the black and gray. It's got the cool color on the end of it there.

So, a little accent. Good to go. Matching handle. It's all cute. I like this stuff. So if you like this color. Oh, I didn't see this. It's got another pocket on the end of it. Like I said, these have been out for a handful of years. We sell quite a few of them. A lot of people like them for a good starter bag or an extra bag. They also fold up extremely small. So, realistically, one little pro tip you can do is if you're traveling somewhere and you think you're going to have more gear on your way back than you did on the way to the event, even to a scenario or anything like that, this doesn't take up a lot of room. You can throw this in your bag. And that way, if you're going to be over the weight limit, you can bust this out and you can do another carry on. You can carry this onto the airplane or just extra bag in general without taking up too much room. So don't forget carrying handle, Velcro at the top, really heavy duty stitching. It's got a shoulder strap in there. It's got an end compartment, like I said, probably for cleats.

But, let's go ahead and fill this thing up. Oh, wait, actually, we got the two old colors. These are very popular colors. This is just basic gray and black. This is called grit. This is their HDE Earth. So they make guns in this color. They make other gear bags. They've done arm pads in this color. I've done a lot in this color. So, good to go there. So we use this one to fill it up.

Good to go.

All right. So, open it up. I hope I've grabbed enough gear. Let's see. Grab the full setup. All right. So I've got the bag opened up, got everything. I've got the gear set aside. Let's see what we can fit in here. So, just start with... I've got the HK Army Sonic’s loader, available at proedgepaintball.com. Nice electronic beginner loader. We've got an HK Army 48-3,000 compressed air tank. Put that bad boy in here. Let's just pack it up real quick. I've got a die-CZ-R. So, you've got this in the box. Let's just go and take up as much room as we can, I guess, see what we've got going.

All right.
Good to go.

Let's see what else we've got here. I'm going to do the full NXC four pack with pods for that type of boy in there. All right, get it full. I would say probably not going to fit a mask, but who knows? I'm going to throw an... I've got an HK Army jersey. I've got HK Army pants. So, we have gun in the box, though. You can probably even take up less room if you pull it out of the box, 43,000 air tank, electronic copper, a full pack with four pods inside of it, jersey pants. Let's see if I can zip it up. Oh, yeah. No problem. All right. So, I've got a full setup, except for the mask. Usually, I don't recommend put a mask inside your bag and get scratched up, but you could probably attach this, let's say, to the maybe like a carabiner or something, click it on the on the side here. So, when you carry it, you can hang it on the side. But, we still have a little bit extra room on the outside here. I don't know. We've got a whole extra pocket. So, you could put your dirty cleats because we don't have arm pads or knee pads in here.


We don't have cleats. So right now, if you're going to wear even dirty tennis shoes, you can definitely throw those into here. So, that's nice. Your dirty paintball shoes are always set. You've got your pants and jerseys or pants and jersey. You've got… What am I missing? I don't have a headband. You can throw a headband in here. No problem. You've got the loader, everything you need. This is the basic, like I said, basic bag. Set it up. Carats the field, throw in your car. I don't even really cramp it in there too much. It's cool. Make sure you shop proedgepaintball.com. You can get all the colors. All the colors are in stock. We also have the larger Planet Eclipse backpacks with the matching colors, and we also have their large roller gear bags and all colors in stock, proedgepaintball.com. Thank you guys so much for watching. Don't forget to like our video and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thanks so much.

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