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HK Army Gun Cases vs Exalt Gun Cases

Hey, everyone. John Jackson here with another weekly video. Today, I've got the HK Army and the Exalt paintball, marker cases. I'm going to do a little quick comparison for you. Let's jump right in.

I've grabbed the most popular entry-level guns here that don't come with a case. For example, the HK Army SABR, comes in a nice cardboard box. The Empire Mini, same thing. Comes with a parts kit, but a nice cardboard box, die-CZ-R, cardboard box. The Chaos 3, your Blitz. And I've got the Tippmann Stormer. I'm going to start with these smaller gun cases, so get the big ones out of the way here.

HK Army Marker Case Product Details

To start off, so you have the Exalt case and the HK Army marker case. Both of these have a carrying handle on them. Both of them have two zippers. So, you can see that two compartments. It's a small compartment there. And you've got one here with a divider. This is the Exalt one. Going to the HK Army marker case, it is larger. So the thickness of it, let me show you that, the thickness of the case is quite a bit different. Price wise, the Exalt marker case is only five dollars less than the HK Army one, I believe. Yeah. So the marker case 2.0 by HK Army, is a carbon marker case 2.0 is $4.95, and the exalt carbon case is only $39.95.
So, five dollars difference, but it definitely looks like you get a little bit more room in the HK Army Case. Let's open it up. So you've got the same thing. You've got a nice hard separator there, a ton of barrels. I believe in both of these, the marker separator or the separator here does un-velcro. So, you've got that there. And on this one, yeah, so both of those can come out. So, if you don't need this little extra pocket and zip on both of these, you can get rid of that if you need some more room.


And then on the other side, see what we've got. Just a nice big, heavy duty section, protected. Both of these have pretty good protection, but not as deep. On this side, you look at the HK Army one, you get quite a bit more depth. Turn it sideways there you can see how far that goes in compared to this one here. Almost no depth to it at all. So, definitely looks like you can fit more in the HK Army case. Both of them have really nice zippers, like I said. They've got like a microfiber cloth finish on the inside of it. Way more barrels on the HK Army case. One thing to know, if you're a newer player and you're looking for a gun case, a lot of your entry level guns come with what's called a one piece barrel. Once you get over the 250, 300, you will start seeing a two piece barrel. And what that means is it's a one piece compared to two pieces. So, this barrel has two different pieces here they unscrew. So, the reason why that's important for a gun case is you can unscrew these and you can put them in each one of the slots here. So, that one will go all the way down just like that.


But a one piece barrel will not fit in one of the holders. I think this is a 10 or a 12 inch. So, one thing you can do, see how it won't fit here, is going to stick out the top.

So, you can do that. You can do it categorized like this. So, you can take the other side of it, I messed with it a little bit, and it will fit. This goes for the HK Army SABR. Let's check out the Blitz. I mean, sorry, the Chaos. I keep saying that. The Chaos 3. So, you can put it in at an angle, so it will close up. So, technically, this case will work. It just won't go in the normal cases here or the normal barrel spots. Your storm or barrel is so short it should go in here. If not, it will definitely fit at an angle on the other side. Both of them come with, I'll show you this side here. The removable part inside here, you can see both have zippers on them. So, nice little pocket. Put your keys, wallet, lube, anything extra like that. Same for here. Got some nice little pocket. This one's labeled though, so just in case you forget, tools. Good to go. So, larger pocket on that one. So that's your smaller one like I said, smaller one is 39.95 from Exalt, 44.95 for your HK Army one.

All right, so jumping into the larger cases, you can see the smaller HK 1 versus the large Exalt. See, quite a bit difference in here. Same thickness as far as the HK 1 goes. Same thickness on the small one and the large one, and similar thickness between the large Exalt and the small Exalt. It definitely looks a tad thicker here. So, it looks like it should be able to fit guns that might be a little wider that you might need more of a deep pocket into it. So, jumping into the large cases, you can see that both of them have two zippers, just like the smaller cases did. So, you open up that first spot there.

Experience the Exceptional Storage and Advanced Features of HK Army Cases

So, on the Exalt 1 and the HK 1, same thing, same microfiber finish. This again has a deeper pocket, a deeper case. Both are a hard shell, not like a hard metal shell, but it's like almost like a thin plastic type shell. Both of them feel very similar as far as the durability. You got your insert in both of them.

Good to go there.

On the Exalt 1, let's turn this around here, you can see this has way more spots to put either barrels or swabs or anything you might need. Let's say you're going to throw something like this. It's got a ton of spots that you can customize it and see how you want. Almost like a Molle attachment, but with elastic. And then the HK Army one, just going to grab this zip here, has the deep pocket on the other side, just like the exalt. So, same thing, I'm talking on there, but the middle one is a little different. So, you still have a ton of barrel options. So 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 on the HK one. There are small pocket here. Another elastic strap to do what you do as you please.
The same squeegee area and another additional area here for anything elastic. Small Velcro pocket. There's actually two of them here. So one where you can see and one where you cannot. And a couple of small pockets where the tools go. So, let's turn this around one more time. It looks like the larger case has more pockets and more options. So, on the divider here, you've got a large pocket for the Exalt 1, large zip or pocket. But there's no pockets that you can see through. I do like that a little bit better on the HK 1. So, even here in the bottom, I could have a lanyard or something with a certain Allen key or something like that, certain tool. And I can actually see the size or see what's inside of there. Just like on both of them, you do have a large zip or pocket to keep things closed up.
It looks like both of them are very similar. So, both of the larger cases are the same price. They're $49.95. I would say if they're the exact same price, I definitely would lean more towards the HK Army gun case. Of course, all these cases are available on our website, proedgepaintball.com.
Go into there.

You can search exalt case, hard case, gun case, anything like that should pull it up for you. So, good to go there. Let's go and throw some guns in here and see what we've got. So, this one I like because we have a lot of people, a lot of players out there that start with a Tippmann beginner gun, and they need a case because they only come in a big cardboard box. The HK Army 1, throw your case, your gun in there, close it up. Because of the length of the case now, you can actually fit a one piece barrel if you have to.

So, this is my Azodin barrel and it's one piece. I could actually throw that in there. So, you have to stick that out a little bit further, but it does where it's supposed to. So, if you have a two-piece barrel, it most definitely will fit. Let's see if you could fit a 14-inch barrel without taking apart. So this is going to be a 14-inch dice-CZ-R barrel. And you're good to go. So, you technically could fit perfectly right there. As far as the exalt one goes, let's see. Yeah, you could definitely fit that right here on their elastic. Just go like this. And you're good to go. So, that's what that is looking like right there. Of course, you could put more elastic. You can fit quite a few more barrels probably on this. And of course, different insert, different swabs. You could do a very similar idea on that one there.

Okay, so just to show you real quick, we have the Stormer inside here. So, your Cronus tactical, your Stormer basic.

Sorry, your Cronus, not your tactical. The Cronus basic and the Stormer basic will both fit. The tactical guns, the Cronus tactical and the tactical, Stormer elite will not fit in this case. But any of your other guns that you've seen a Azodin Chaos, a Azodin Blitz, mini-GS, and your HK Army SABR, both of these will fit everything you need to. So, even this one, I've got room for other stuff in here because just with my Stormer in there. So, you could technically fit two Stormer or two different gun setups inside of here without a problem. Definitely load these up, no problem at all.

Let's go there. Let's throw the CZ-R in here. This is no problem, without a doubt. It's going to fit. Say we have a mini in here. We're going to throw our mini in here as well. Throw our barrel in here. I'm going to move this one over just a little bit. So, good to go. So, I've got both my barrels in there like that. I've got my mini GS at the bottom, I've got my die CZ - R at the top. I'm going to close it up.
No problem at all.

So, if you're looking for a gun case, I think either one of these will do pretty much what everybody is looking for. If you do need a little bit more room, a little bit more space for carrying items, I would definitely lean more towards the HK Army hard case. Again, they're the exact same price for the larger one. They're $49.95. We do have all of these cases available on our website, Proedgepaintball.com, so either swing by our store or you shop us online. If you guys have any questions about the cases or if there's anything else you want to see about the case or if you have any feedback, if you have used one of these cases before and you like it or hate it or have had problems, makes you comment below. If you like the video, please go ahead and click like please. That really helps our videos show up to other players like yourself. And of course, if you like weekly paintball review videos, go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel where we release at least two or three videos every single week. Otherwise, thank you guys so much for watching. We'll see you around.

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