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Worth It? Gog Freak JR 2.0 Two Piece Barrel Kit


Hey, guys. John Jackson here at Pro Edge Paintball. I'm back with another product video. Today, I've got the brand new Gog paintball Freak Junior XL kit. 
So, the Freak Barrel System has been probably one of the most popular, if not the most popular, barrel kit for 20 years. I'm about to be 37. I had one when I was 15, 16 years old. They've been around absolutely forever. They made a couple of changes. If you have done research, you have a short freak insert previously, and now you have a freak XL, which is a longer insert, I believe, an eight-inch insert.

The idea behind this is it's supposed to be a longer control board, which is supposed to make the shot more consistent because it controls the ball for a longer distance, I guess, as far as insert length goes. One thing that GOG has... Gog paintballs have always done a good job of making sure that their barrel prices have been pretty good. I mean, under $100 or around $100, even with all the price increases over the last couple of years. This year they came out and they did the exact same thing. So, if you were new to paintball and you were looking for an upgraded barrel, or let's say you just got your mini GS, your dice CZ-R, even your Chaos or your Blitz or your HK SABR, any of your entry-level paintball guns that take auto-caulk or threading, that is the threading of the barrel, and you're looking to upgrade a barrel, from what we've seen so far, this would definitely be a recommended, a highly recommended barrel upgrade that you could do. I'm going to explain why.

Product Details and Pricing

A normal standard barrel is usually 12 to 14 inches, but it comes with one insert, one diameter on the inside of the barrel. And in order to really fine tune the accuracy of the paintball, you really need to change that diameter to make it fit the paintball that you're using. For example, if you play at a paintball field that's filled paint only, meaning you have to use their paint balls, that means you can't go by different paint balls. They're going to help you shoot better or more accurate. You have to use what the field is using. So, you can't change that. But, one thing you can change is you can change your barrel. The barrel and the paint match are pretty much the only two things or the main two things that control your accuracy when it comes to a paintball gun firing correctly, firing straight. So, what Gog paintball has brought to us today is an entry level, very low price, in my opinion, barrel kit that you can get started. So, this is the Freak Junior XL kit. It comes in a pod. Now, instead of an expensive case that the other ones came in, it's got a pod. It costs $2.50 retail. So a pod. It's got a little barrel insert there. So, what's nice about this is it holds one insert, the barrel back and the front. So when you're getting started, you don't need the full kit. The full freak XL kit comes with, actually, let's look real quick, it comes with nine inserts. So, we're looking at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, eight inserts are all of the inserts you can buy from Free paintball or from Gog paintball. But, when you get started, you don't know how to use that, so you really don't need that to get started. And if you're new and you're getting started, usually on a budget, you're trying to figure out what you want to spend money on, what you can spend money on. And so Gog paintball has offered a great opportunity, a great alternative to getting started in paintball or in a paintball barrel.

So, Gog paintball has given us a great opportunity and great opportunity for a lot of the newer players out there to get started with a freak barrel or for the barrel kit for low price. So, the price on this is going to be $99. $99.95, I believe. And it comes in a ton of colors. In 2022 and earlier they didn't come in color stock from the factory. You could get them from certain stores that would anodize and custom make their own. But, as far as straight from the factory, we could not get a colored barrel. And so, of course, you see only a handful of colors that are even available in front of you here because we're on other colors that have arrived. You have your pink, your teal. They also offer a blue. They have orange, black, gold, or gray.

What we're missing here is going to be red, silver, blue, lime, and purple. They're going to give you eleven different color choices straight out of the box, which is great. You have a ton of choices to match your gun, especially those Azodin guns or even the HK Army guns. Of course, your CZ-Rs and your Minis all come in a ton of color. So, what's nice about this is you can actually hopefully match it to your color of gun. So, you got a good start. What do you get for $99? You get the pod, which is your case. If this breaks, you break the lid, go get a different pod. $2.50 is great. Or there's always barrel cases out there from HK and Exalt. So, you have a ton of options to go with the barrel kit or barrel case. It comes with a little rubber insert that goes inside of the pod. And so that way your barrels will stand there. And I'll show you the barrel quick. So, if your barrel front with straight porting there, you have your barrel back and you do have your freak Excel insert. So, like I was saying earlier, it's about eight inch control board insert and actually has a number on here. This is 0.689. That's what comes standard with your Freak Junior XL two-piece barrel kit. Every paint ball, we get this question a lot though, every paint ball is 68 caliber. But, of course, with anything mass-produced, it does vary in size. And so 0.689 is still 68 caliber, but it's almost 69 caliber, realistically. So, if you get a smaller paint ball, you may want to go with a smaller insert size and so on and so forth. And that's what bore sizing is in a pretty simple way.
So, for $99 you get your barrel back, barrel front and one insert. You get it inside your kit here. So, you can open this up, have the insert, everything good to go. If you wanted to buy an extra insert, let's say you're shooting smaller paint balls out there. And basically, you're chronicling and you're not getting a real consistent speed over the chronograph, you may want to start experimenting with different insert sizes. So, instead of buying a full freak XL barrel kit, which runs, I believe, $209, so $210, this is $99 to get you started. You can buy one extra insert for $15 or $14.95, maybe an extra insert, $14.95. You're still well under that full price of $210 for the full freak XL barrel kit. As you progress, you start getting better playing, you start getting more experience with boar sizing. You start just learning a little bit more about your gun and what it does. You can slowly buy different insert for different paintball fields maybe. You have different larger paintballs, a little bit smaller paintballs. Again, they're all 68 caliber, but they are going to vary.
In Texas here in the summer, it's very humid, so sometimes the paint balls will swell up a little bit. So, when it's cold in the morning or cooler in the morning, be a little bit smaller boar size. And as they heat up and humidity gets to the paint balls that you have open, it can actually start shooting the paintball faster because the paint ball has swollen up a little bit and the barrel match has changed from when you first started. I know that's a lot. If you're new to it, that's a little bit maybe a little too over your head, but it's great. It's a good learning thing that you can slowly learn and experience more. The better you get at this, I really feel the more accurate of a player you'll be because the paintball will be shooting more consistent over the chronograph, which will make it more consistent out of your gun and more accurate as you're playing. Just a quick little rundown. If you're shooting a paintball gun and it shoots 300 feet per second the first shot, which is the speed of the ball, 300 feet per second the first shot, but the second shot only shoots 250 feet per second, no matter how accurate you are, that paintball is not flying the same distance every single time because there's variation in the speed of the paint ball flying through the air.

So, when I boar size, what I want to do is I want to find a good paint ball that shoots decently straight, of course. But, I go over to the chronograph, take my kit, and I find out which boar size, which insert will shoot the most consistent over the chronograph. And what that does is if it shoots 300 feet per second almost every single time or very little, I know that paint ball, if I'm shooting accurately pointing at the target, that paintball is going to fly the same distance every single time or extremely close to it, which means it's going to make me more accurate. But if your paintball gun isn't shooting the same speed over the chronograph or even close to it, it's going to be extremely hard for you to be really good at shooting straight. Not to go too much into it, but that's the basic principle I have for bore sizing. And I love this, the Freak Junior barrel kit, Freak Junior XL, because there is an original Freak Junior barrel, don't get confused with that. But the new Freak Junior XL two-piece kit offers a great introductory price, barrel, all that good stuff.
Give you a little rundown too if you get started in this and let's say you really like the way this barrel shoots and you want to get all the inserts and a barrel kit, you can go for $120. You can buy the Freak XL insert aluminum kit. What that means is it gives you the full case, all the inserts, and you can actually put your free junior barrel two-piece barrel inside this case. So, the only thing you'll have extra is going to be your one blue insert because it comes in the other one, but not a big deal. You can always have a spare. That's going to be the one you'll probably use the most anyway. But this gives you a full hard case, all the inserts. And that way you can really bore size. You can really get nitty-gritty as far as the detail and over the chrono. And if you maybe you travel a bunch of local fields, you play scenario events. If you play any other type of events, you can really have a ton of options on boar sizing your paint because you've got the full kit. So, you start off $99.95 for the Freak Junior XL kit. In a month or two, you go and upgrade to the Freak XL Aluminum Kit. The aluminum one I use that as an example, they make stainless steel as well. But the aluminum is the same one that your stock barrel comes with. So, to keep everything consistent and you have a nice case, you got a nice barrel and you're ready to go. I just wanted to show you what it looked like on a gun. The grays don't match exactly the same, but also it's not the same company that's doing it, but it looks really good. So, 14-inch, I believe, 14-inch barrel. Got the porting. So, it's going to be pretty quiet. It's definitely going to be quieter than a lot of the stock barrels that are out there. You can upgrade the tips of these. Freak makes, of course, different tips that you can change for sound signature and just the look of it. They've got a couple of options as well on that one, but you're good to go right there.


So, that is your Freak Junior XL two-piece barrel kit, $99.95. They're available at proedgepaintball. Com. Like I said, we're waiting for the other colors to arrive. We should have them any day. If you guys have any questions about the barrel or what we think about board sizing or other barrel options, not just the freak barrel, even the CZ-R. We have all the colors available for the dye CZ-R in stock at our website, proedgepaintball.com. Again, any questions, comment below. Thank you guys so much for watching. Make sure you liked the video if you found it helpful. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Maybe share it on social media. We appreciate that. Again, thank you guys so much for watching. We'll see you next time.

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