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Planet Eclipse GX2 Backpack


Hey, everyone. John Jackson here at Pro Edge Paintball. Today, I've got the brand new Planet Eclipse GX2 gravel backpack. I'm going to give you a quick little overview and tell you what I think. Let's jump on in.

Planet Eclipse GX2 details and pricing

So, the Planet Eclipse GX2 gravel backpack is available in seven different colors and retails for $89.95. So, you have your fighter dark sub-zero, you have your fighter dark revolution, you have an OG color, their HDE Earth, you have another one of their original colors, the Grit. You have their fighter dark poison. You also have their fighter dark midnight. And you have your fighter dark Hays. So, some of the cool features on the GX2 backpack that you notice first, of course, are the outside straps here. So, you can strap their gun bag on the outside of it or even your full setup, you can strap it there. Each side has Molle webbing on the side of it, so you can put any of your attachments on the side. It also has a nice little pocket here on this side here. You can put a small water bottle or your keys, your phone, anything like that would slide in. You have a spot for a patch. It's disguised here. So, you could also put a team patch if you wanted to or any of your other favorite patches. The other side also has a small little pocket, same size for about a phone or keys, something like that. It's got nice, heavy duty padding on the back here. So, if you're carrying a pretty heavy backpack, you've got a ton of padding and protection and a stiffened back here.

So, it's reinforced and it's not going to dig into your back when you're carrying it. Here on the top of the bag, you actually have a microfiber line pocket. So, this is great for your phone or your sunglasses, so that way they don't get scratched up. And the most outside pocket, open it up, got nice see-through mesh pockets on here. I'm a big fan of these because I love being able to see what's inside the pocket. Otherwise you might lose it the next time you try to dig in your backpack and clean it out. So, it's got two nice pockets inside of here. This is also very stiff and protected. So, if you have something that's important inside of here, like even your paintball gun, you're going to slide into this outside pocket, this is going to get damaged very easily because it's like a reinforced, stiff, outer shell type feel to it.

The main pocket here offers double zippers and opens all the way up. This is one of my favorite parts about this because you can really get into your bag. So, when you're packing it full, you can really load it up. And also when you get to the field, you go to the table, you can open it up and get to all your stuff instead of trying to have to try to dig into a backpack that doesn't, of course, open all the way. Another nice large mesh pocket inside of here, nice heavy new zip. So, this has a nice padded pocket for a laptop, something like that. Nice padded pocket. It also has a Velcro here and it has an internal zip to hold anything else you want to hold. Kind of a small zip, only about four inches deep.

But again, you want to put your wallet in there, you're worried about somebody taking it while you're out the field, you can throw it in something like that. What you see inside of here is actually the expandable part of the bottom of the bag. This is probably the, for a player that really wants to use it as a full gear bag. This is a pretty cool idea. Otherwise, it just presses out of the way. So, on the bottom of the bag here, it's got double zippers. You open up the entire bottom of the bag here and you can pull everything out. It's got a nice handle at the bottom. So, you can really increase the size of your backpack probably by, I don't know, 30%, 40%, 50%, a pretty large amount compared to the full size of the bag. You can almost double the whole it looks like storage space in the bottom of it.

So, this is great for, let's say, when you head to the field, you're organized at the end of the field, you just hurry up and throw all your stuff in your bag. You can throw it all here in the bottom. That way it expands out and you can hold a ton of gear in this. If you didn't want to expand the bottom of it, this does give you another option for another compartment down here. So, let's say you want to throw your dirty paintball pants or dirty cleats in the bottom here and not get the rest of your stuff really dirty.
You can just throw it here on the bottom, zip it up, and you're good to go. That way it doesn't get mud and dirt all throughout all of your other gear. Of course, these bags are available on our website, proedgepaintball.com. We have all the colors in stock, along with the larger gear bags with the matching colors. If you've ever used this bag, go and comment below. Let me know what you think about it. If you've already picked one up or if you have some of their older backpacks, or if you even have a different backpack that you really like, give me a shout out below.


Let me know what you think. I really like to hear from everybody because it gives me good insight on which gear bags are good, which bags are great, which ones you like, which one features you hate. If you enjoy this video at all, if you found it helpful, please go ahead and like the video. That helps our video show up to other players like yourself and other players that might be looking for a new backpack, new gear bag, something like that. Of course, if you like weekly YouTube videos about paintball, go and subscribe to our YouTube channel where I do at least 2-3 videos every single week on anything paintball related. Cool deal. If you guys have any questions, like I said, comment below. Otherwise, thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you next time.

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