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Hey, YouTube. John here with Pro Edge Paintball. I am back today with another product review. Today, I'm going to cover the HSTL HK Army Goggle Cases.


So, HK has been releasing a lot of cases. 2020, 2019 have done a really good job. Like I said in other videos, they always bring a good style to it. I love the fact that they've come out with multiple colors in these. This is their entry-level goggles case. If you're looking for a goggles case just to protect your stuff, it's not going to have all the bells and whistles that their EXO goggles case has. This is going to do exactly what you want it to. I grabbed a pair of EVS and a pair of KLRs. I'm going to show you how they fit in there. We're just going to run down. Let's break one of these apart and see. Let's just go with the black, red, maybe.

Let's just go with black. Black or blue.

To start out, they have the standard carabiner on here. The EXO case, their higher end case, actually has a carry handle on that, so I like that a lot. But this is their simpler version. It's going to still do everything it needs to without all the fancy bells and whistles. So, it has a carabiner, so you can hang that in your backpack if you're going to travel with it or if you're going to and from the field. It does have two zippers in the front. They seem pretty heavy duty, very similar to the same one on the other one, but not as big. It opens up. It's got a nice soft material on the inside of it here. Not that big microfiber cloth that their EXO case has, but it's still going to protect it. It's got a pretty rigid build to it. I like that a lot. Let me grab this pair of Carolers... I'm sorry, a pair of EVS. Oh, it's got plenty of room in there. One thing I don't like about some cases is that they're too small. You can barely fit a normal size pair of goggles. I personally wear the EVS goggles. I have been for probably about three or four years now. I really like them, but they are a little bit bigger. I have bigger heads. They fit me really well. I also like how huge the lens is.

And so when you get a goggles case that is too small, you can't really put anything extra in there. So, you can maybe barely squeeze your goggles in there, which means that the lens is rubbing them outside of the case the entire time. Sometimes that's a pain if there's any dirt inside your case. But other than that, this looks like it's going to do everything you need it to. This looks like it's going to do a great job. So, it's got plenty of room. I love that this has ventilation on the outside here. I don't know if you can tell that or not. Maybe if I hold it up a little bit, you can see through it. What that means is that after a day of playing, when you're all sweaty, instead of going home and having to clean your goggles immediately or clean them at all, you can leave them in here and it's definitely going to dry out. This hopefully doesn't mild or anything like that, but this is going to allow the air to get to it. So, that way your goggles dry out maybe between Saturday and Sunday. Maybe if you got rained on, you forget about cleaning them or letting them sit out.

This goggles case is going to allow them to go and dry out. Let's go and zip it up. It's got a nice pocket here on the front. I like pockets. I like to be organized, especially when you're out the field. Everybody carries their phone with them to check their phone throughout the day. And this makes a really nice pocket you can just put on the table. You can put your keys, your phone, your wallet, whatever you want in one nice little place. It's really soft in here. So, it's actually softer, seems softer than the inside of the goggles parts. If you have a pair of sunglasses or something, you don't want to get scratched up. Everything on the inside of this pocket, there's nothing sharp on it. You could put your phone, your sunglasses, again, anything like that. And it's a large pocket. You can tell my entire hand fits in here. So, you can put your regs if you're traveling between events, microfiber cloths, anything like that is going to be able to fill up that room there. I like it a lot. Let's throw one. Let's throw a KLR just because it's an HK goggles case.

I throw an HK goggles in one of these bad boys. I like the red. Clearly, you can tell Pro Ridge is all red. That's all me on that one. So, you can see how that goggles case just swallow the KLR. So your I4, if you have an I4 goggles, this is going to fit perfectly fine. I-5 is a little bit larger than the I-4. This case is going to be able to fit it. The virtue goggles may be the virtue with the longer face, the extend, the extend, any of those, it should fit perfectly fine. So, the pro-filer, the grill, it looks like it should be able to fit any of these in here. And of course, if you want to throw micro fibers in here, extra room, you've got that too. So, clearly the pocket is going to be huge. But yeah, these are available on our website, proedgepb.com. We just launched a new website this year, so be sure to check it out. Thank you guys for watching our videos. You guys have been extremely supportive. If you really want to help us grow, go ahead and take a second and like this video if you think I did a decent job.

If you like product review videos, if you like tech videos, we do weekly tech videos every Tuesday, and it shows you how to install, how to clean, stuff like that. But yeah, other than that, I think we've covered pretty much everything. I'm a fan of the HK Goggle cases or the cases in general. I think they're doing a great job. We're bringing them in here at Proedgepb.com Of course, we are picky about what we carry. If you guys have any questions, reach out to us on social media. You can comment below. We do have a live chat feature on our website. I'm responsible for all of those.


So, all the social media, all the emails for John@Proedgepaintball.com or help@Proedgepaintball.com, I reply to all that. So, any questions you guys ever need, I'm always there to answer your questions.

So, I think we covered everything. So, thank you guys so much for watching. Again, we'll see you guys next time.

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