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Paintball Beginner Package kit with CO2 and HPA

Hey, guys. John Jackson here with Pro Edge Paintball with another weekly video. Today I'm going to cover our HK Army beginner package. So, this package, if you're out there and you're shopping for your first paintball gun or an inter-level paintball gun, meaning it's mechanical, it doesn't take any batteries, this would be the package that we will typically recommend for you. I'll cover the reason why we like each one of these items and then also what to watch out for before you make your purchase.

Just to get started, again, this is going to be entry level for a tip and paintball gun or a Azodin paintball gun or a Spider paintball gun. Those are the top three probably most popular mechanical entry level paintball guns. At that level, most of them don't take batteries and they don't really have any issues running CO2. I'll cover that in a second.

It includes your 200 round basic copper, just a 200 round basic copper. No batteries, nothing at all. Holds 200 paint balls or 268 caliber paint balls. Also, if you're looking into the 50 caliber paint ball paintball guns, this package will not do good for you because this has a 68 caliber hopper.

They cannot be converted. So, standard hopper. We have a CO2 tank. This is20 out CO2 tank. That means like on your Cronus, your Tippmann gun, your spider paintball guns, you're going to get about 12 to 1,400 shots per air-fill. That's going to be about six or seven of these. Each one of these is about 200 rounds. The only downside with CO2 beyond if it's clean or better for your gun, whatnot, beyond any of that, if you cannot get this air tank filled because your paintball filled no longer feels CO2, you want to make sure you check that before you buy this package. CO2 is a liquid that turns into a gas and a lot of your paintball fields aren't filling it up anymore because they typically have to rent CO2 bottles and fill them up. It just takes longer. It's more of a pain. So, before you buy the CO2 package, the HK Army beginner package with CO2, you want to make sure that the paintball fields you're going to go to will fill up CO2 or the sporting goods company by you will fill up CO2. Because again, some of the bigger ones don't fill them up anymore.


So, check that out. But this is a great bottle. They're normally about $30. They do not come filled. So, you definitely need to get them filled up or have a place to get them filled once you make that purchase. And then, of course, the mask. There are cheaper mask out there, less expensive mask, but they're not going to be nearly as good. A lot of the Amazon packages that you'll see online, they come with the most the cheapest paintball mask out there, which is great. If you're looking for a super low budget, something that's just going to protect your face, not be comfortable at all, and it's probably going to fog up on you, then go with the Amazon package.


If you don't want to spend the least amount, but you don't want to spend a lot of money, definitely consider going with the H. K. Army H. S. T. L. Mask. We also have another mask called the JT Pro Shield we really like. But for this video we're just covering this package. This mask here is going to be a thermal lens, meaning it's not going to fog up on you like those rental mask will.
It has really nice foam here, so it's going to be very soft on your face. It's not going to rub your face raw when you're sweating and you're running around out there. It also comes with one of my favorite features, a top strap. If you're a younger player or if you're buying this for a smaller person, definitely this top strap really helps keep the mask on top of their head. While, of course, the back strap keeps it to their head. It's got a really long face here, face shields. It's going to protect you all the way down the bottom of your chin, all around the side of your ears. And if you actually go to our website, proedgepb.com, and type in HSTL, the letters HSTL, mask, this will come up. And we have videos talking about more in detail about the mask. You can check it out on there. But again, if you're going with a tip man, like an entry level paintball gun, this is going to be our HK Army starter package. There's a great add on package. If you're out there shopping for a gift for somebody, again, CO2 would be the only concern.

We're going to cover a different type of air as well to show you the advanced package here in a second. This is your HSTL or your HK Army beginner package with CO2. The other option we have is going to be your HK Army package with compressed air or high pressure air. The same entry level hopper, same thermal mask available in black, and then it's going to come with your compressed air. Compressed air is a better type of air. It doesn't fluctuate with the weather as much. It's cleaner for your paintball gun. We covered at the beginning with the CO2, CO2 is mainly for non-electronic paintball guns because there's a liquid in there, it can cause problems where your compressed air is going to be just air, no condensation, no liquid. This compressed air will work on mechanical guns and electronic guns. So, if you're wanting to skip the step of going with CO2 at the beginning and you want to just be certain that you can get it filled up, we definitely recommend to go with the compressed air tank because it's just going to be more popular to get it filled up at your local paintball fields.

Big sporting good companies like big stores and stuff like that, they do not fill up compressed air, but pretty much every paintball store, every paintball field in the country will fill up the compressed air on there.

One of the biggest differences is on a compressed air tank you actually have a gauge on the side where on your CO2 you do not. It's going to tell you how much air is left, how many shots and when you need to get it filled up. CO2 you cannot do that on a CO2 tank. Also, you're going to get about 800 shots out of this bottle compared to about 1,200 to 1,400 shots on this. So, you will get fewer shots. But there are a lot of benefits to this as far as it's easier to find a place to fill it up compared to your CO2 depending on where you live. So, again, if you're going to go with like an Azodin, like a Blitz or Empire Mini and Empire Axe, even your tip man guns, your Spider paintball guns like a Phoenix or electronic guns, even your mechanical guns, compressed air would be what we would definitely recommend.
So, it fits in your budget. This package should be, I believe, about $20 to $30 more than your CO2 package. So, not a huge difference. But if you want to be certain that everything you're purchasing is going to work well and be able to get filled up, we definitely go with the HK Army package, the advanced package, the one with the compressed air, the hopper, the compressed air tank, and the mask. One thing you can do is, of course, right now on the website we only have these available in black, but you can buy the HK Army 48,000 tank and other colors. Believe it or not, they make red, green, silver and black and blue, I believe, are the five colors they sell. You can go ahead and add the standard hopper to your cart. You can add the thermal HK Army mask to your cart and then you can go shop for which color air tank you want. That way it matches your gun and your setup better than, of course, just an all black one. So, that's pretty much it today. Again, you can check out more information about the HK Army.

Thermal mask. We have that on our website and our YouTube channel. Of course, we do have an overview video of all of the 43,000 tanks that we carry, especially the HK Army ones. You can see all the colors on our YouTube channel and on our website. If you guys have any questions at all, if you're getting started or you've tried out any of these items like the mask, for example, if you've tried this out and you like it or hate it, just go and leave us a comment below. Also, we really appreciate you guys watching our videos, sharing our videos. Don't forget to like our video if you found it helpful. Anytime you like it or you comment, it really shows YouTube that the video is helpful and that it helps show it to other players like yourself that might be looking for help and getting other information.

As always, if you guys have any questions, make sure to comment below. Other than that, thank you so much for watching and we'll see you guys next week.
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