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Hydra Knee Pad Review - Blacks

Hey, guys. John here with Pro Edge paintball. I am back doing a review on the Hydra knee pads.

So, this is the second edition of the Hydra knee pad. The first edition was that blue model that you may have seen posted online at your local field. This is their new edition, I believe they call it their Black edition. This one has been revamped. They've taken all the criticism and all the feedback from the local players and put it into this knee pad. So, this is a size extra large. I was just wearing them around the front of the store to make sure I knew what I wanted to talk about and whatnot. These are extremely comfortable. I've played in the older ones and everybody had the same complaint, it pinched you in the back. They've taken down the amount of material on the back of the knee pad. That way when you're squad or whatnot, it's not pinching the back of your leg. If you watched their promo video online, they actually slide on the block with these to show the durability. They take a razor blade to it. They take all kinds of crazy stuff just to prove that they've really put a lot of time and effort into the front of this knee pad to really make it more durable and hold up.

The only thing that I personally am not a big fan of, and this is because I'm getting a little older and I like to protect my knees, is I like a knee pad that has a little more on the side. So, that way if I fall over or I'm crawling and I hit the side of my knee on something, it protects it. But that's just my personal preference. For most players out there, they're only worried about the front strip, and this is extremely nice. It's going to be thick enough to protect you. Even if you're playing in the woods, what I love about them is how lightweight it is. So, if you're running through the woods or you're playing competition like NXLs or local speed ball type tournaments, they're going to be lightweight. They seem to breathe pretty well, so it's not like a really bad material that's not going to breathe at all. And with the lightweight, you don't feel like you're wearing knee pads. So, you can wear the jogger style pants. You can wear the GI sports race pants that are really thin as well and add on a light pair of knee pads, and you're not really going to be bogged down.

One of my biggest complaints about heavier type equipment or gear like clothing is when they get wet. Basically, it just weighs you down. Not only you're cold and wet usually, but you're going to stay wet all day long. But, now, it adds weight to you as well. So, with this lightweight knee pad, no matter if it gets wet or not, it's still going to stay pretty light compared to some of the other knee pads.

If you guys want to stop by and try on the Hydra knee pads, we do have them in stock at our store in Houston, or you can shop our website. There is a nice size chart on there, so make sure you take some extra time, measure your leg. That way you can get the accurate size. I'm about six foot, about 200 pounds, and this is a size extra large. These are the ones that I would wear. I can technically wear a large but they are a little bit tighter on me. But, technically, I am pretty much between sizes and both of them are extremely uncomfortable.

If you guys have any questions, make sure you leave a comment below.
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