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Virtue PF "Press Flick" Paintball Pod - 165 Round - Red- 4 Pack

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The Virtue lock pod has been upgraded with new materials and a new lid to increase performance and durability. The Virtue Lock Pod pod is the same length as a standard 140rnd pod, but because of it's unique consistent diameter construction from top to bottom it holds up to 30 more rounds!

The upgraded lid design locks your paint securely inside until you press the intuitive button with your thumb and holds up to more abuse when dropped or when left open in your gear bag.


Comes in a shrink wrapped box of four 170 round Lock Pods. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rick W.
Pic follow up from my review

Here is a pic comparing the old pod vs this new style pod. Be aware, the button pin and even the lid on can easily fall out causing your pod to be unserviceable.

Rick W.
Not as good as the previous model.... Go with another pod or get your hot glue gun ready

I was given the previous model pod and they have held up great. This pod not so much. First day of being I went to pull a pod out of my strapped pack and my paint dumped.... Well that sucks the pod top popped open. Nope.... the pin holding the opening button slid out so the button was lost making the pod unusable. Pull out the next pod, reload my hopper, go to close the lid and it won't close..... ANOTHER pin slid out causing the button to fall off the pod. I was able to salvage that button (but not the pin so had to use the lid pin from the other pod that lost it's pin/button) so saved the pod. I NEVER had that issue with the previous model of this pod. When I compared the old style with the new I saw the difference.... with the old pod the pin couldn't slide out as it was captive, the new pin slides out with ease. I ended up putting a dab of hot glue on the remaining pins on the functioning pods. I believe this will keep the pin in place but time will tell. Virtue went cheap so don't reward them with buying these pods unless you get them on a great deal.

Better then lock lids

If you’re looking for a push button pod this is the one to get. Super responsive button and holds more then a normal pod