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Powerhouse Long Body Gen 3 Regulator - Black

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Looking For a Custom Output Pressure? 

Leave a comment during checkout and we will set your output pressure between 400 and 800 psi. 

UPDATE 5/29/2020- The new Gen III regulators are different than in this video. Powerhouse makes rolling changes to better performance without labeling it a new generation regulator. Current Gen III regulators will include a Silver fill nipple and a Green piston with a rubber regulator end of the piston


The New Long Body design eliminates the need for a tank extender and gives you a much more reliable and sturdy feel to your air tank setup.

Take a minute to watch our comparison video above. We put the Long Body Regulator onto multiple brands of bottles to compare the lengths and feel of the most popular air tank sizes.

If you are a taller player or someone who wants to use a very light weight paintball air tank but want a longer fit, the Long Body Powerhouse regulator gives you exactly what you need.

Long Body Regulator features 1/2" of increased reach over the standard Powerhouse regulator.

  • Dual Flat burst discs for added safety
  • Fully serviceable internals
  • 500psi Output Pressure
  • Stainless Cartridge
  • Dual Oring
  • Woven Piston Spring
  • Direct To Tank Fill Passage
  • Stars & Stripes Limited Edition Gauge

Powerhouse LongBody Regulator Comparison

Powerhouse LongBody Regulator ComparisonPowerhouse LongBody Regulator Comparison
<img src="https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0098/0117/1044/files/Powerhouse-Regulator-XL-Weight-Comparison_480x480.jpg?v=1586037814" alt="Powerhouse LongBody Regulator Comparison">

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Ryan Nardontonia
The best reg

Title says it all!