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Planet Eclipse Etha 3 - Black Platinum Package

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$839.95 - $911.80
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Planet Eclipse Etha 3 - Black Platinum Package

The Etha 3 Platinum Package provides you with the top of the line, best performing and most reliable products recommended by the Pro Edge Paintball staff! If you were to talk into our store and ask for the best package with the Planet Eclipse Etha 3, this is exactly what we would recommend!

Are there more expensive products out there you? Yes, but do we feel the other options are going to give you anymore advantage over the products we have selection.. nope! 

Platinum Package Summary: Etha 3 is one of the most reliable and best performing paintball guns for it's price range. The Spire IR2 is the leading paintball hopper available and the Empire 68/4500 compressed air is sold 5 to 1 compared to other paintball tanks for it's size and price range. 

Learn more about the new Etha 3: 

The Etha3 offers players an electronic marker platform that takes everything great about its predecessor a step further. It's sleek approach to ergonomics, coupled with some notable upgrades takes the Etha platform into a new competitive realm. Its quick-release bolt assembly makes a huge difference to accessibility and maintenance on, or off the field. The aluminium low-rise feedneck reduces the overall height of the marker for a tighter, more compact player profile. And the new aluminium blade trigger brings a sharpness and responsiveness only found on more expensive marker platforms.

Etha 3 Features: 

  • Low-rise aluminium clamping feed-neck NEW!
  • Quick-release back cap NEW!
  • Tool-less bolt removal NEW!
  • Aluminium adjustable blade trigger NEW!
  • 14.5" 2-piece Shaft 5 barrel - Cocker fast threads
  • Integrated SL4 inline regulator
  • Powered by the Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain
  • Valve chamber shut-off and breech sensing drivetrain
  • GRN composite outer body
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminium inner body core
  • Single-piece GRN frame and foregrip
  • Hose-less air transfer system
  • Push On Purge System (POPS) ASA assembly
  • Lock n' load 9V battery system
  • Pre Program Firing Modes
  • Tool-less grip access/removal
  • Wire-less frame to body connectivity
  • Ambidextrous LED status indicator
  • DefTek offset feed

Spire IR2 Features:

  • Capacity: 220 Rounds
  • Electronic Battery Required:  Yes
  • Battery Type: 3x AA
  • Max Feed Rate: 15+ bps
  • Paintball Caliber: .68 Caliber
  • Compatible with: All .68 Caliber Paintball Guns
  • Cleaning & Maintenance: Tool less disassembly
  • Setup Required:  Install batteries
  • Durability Grade (A,B,C) ) °: A
  • Designed For: Recreational Play, Woods ball and Speedball
  • Quick Change Lid: No
  • Speed feed Upgrade Available (Shop):  Yes
  • Weight: 14.2 oz
  • Height: 5€
  • Length: 9.5€œ
  • Manufacturer Warranty Included °: Yes
  • Qualifies for Pro Edge Return Policy: Yes

Empire 68/4500 HPA Tank Features: 

  • Shipped:Empty(No Air Inside) 
  • Filled With: HPA (Compressed Air)Only 
  • Weight:2.3lbs or 35.5oz  
  • Length: 11€ 
  • Cylinder Diameter: 4€ 
  • Shot CapacityEstimate: 1200-1600 paintballs 
  • Size: 68ci 
  • TankPressure: 4500psi 
  • Output Pressure:800psi 
  • Designed For:Beginner,Intermediate, Advanced Players 
  • Designed For:Recreational Play,Woods ball, Speedball 
  • Refillable:Yes  
  • Bottle Material:Carbon Fiberexterior and high grade aluminum construction
  • Hydro Test Time:5 Years 
  • D.O.T./TC: Approved 
  • Refill Locations:Paintball Stores and Paintball Fields 
  • Best Compatible With: All paintball guns 
  • Tank Cover Protection Recommended(Shop Here):Yes  
  • Home Refill Requirements:4500psi Compressor  
  • Estimated Refill Cost:$5.00 - $6.00 
  • Manufacturer Warranty Included:Yes 
  • Qualifies for Pro Edge Return Policy:Yes 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I be splatting people in the face with this etha setup, I’m way better than I was with my sabr. Definitely worth the upgrade

Great package

Great package. Would buy again best store!

Great service & fast shipping

They were out of the color hopper I ordered, an email and phone call later the issue was resolved. Highly recommend proedgepb