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HK Army Go Pro Paintball Mask Camera Mount-Green

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HK Army Go Pro Mask Camera Mount

The Green HK Army go pro paintball mask camera mount now brings you a whole new way to capture your game play. If you are playing in the woods, recreational or in a tournament, the new HK mask camera mount attaches firmly to the top of your paintball mask and gives you the first person point of view during all of your games.
With a setup time of about 10 minutes, mounting your paintball mask camera mount is fairly simple and easy to do. Once your mount is attached, it has a very low profile and is light weight so you're able to leave it on even when not using your camera.

Go Pro Camera Mount

Mounting the camera to the center of your paintball mask has been proven to be the best place to record the action. As you look around your camera will record everything you are seeing. Sometimes if your camera is on the side of your mask the paintball hopper will get into the way. One drawback to having a camera mounted to the top of your head is when you pop out from behind cover, the opponent may see your camera first but this is a very small difference in your height compared to normal. The mounted camera only adds 1-2 inches of height to your overall profile.

If you want to get a camera mount and are near by, be sure to bring your paintball mask with you when you stop by Pro Edge Paintball so we can mount it for you free of charge. 
Hk Army Paintball Mask Camera Mount on EVS Goggle

HK Army Goggle Camera Mount Features:

  • Uses a top and bottom mounting platform to secure to mask
  • Low profile when not being used with camera
  • Using HK brand so it increases your Mr. H points by 7.
  • Setup time in less than 10 minutes.
  • Available in multiple colors to match your mask choice.
  • All items needed to attach are included in package.
  • Fits all paintball mask systems (HK Army, Dye, Empire, GI Sportz, Virtue)
  • Includes 4 sets of mounting screws (short and long) and allen key
  • Includes camera mounting screw

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