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HK Army Ball Breaker Barrel Sock- Angry Cat

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The HK Army ball breaker barrel sock is one of the most durable and long lasting barrel socks. The rubber material construction outlasts the traditional fabric material if you accidentally shoot into it. The HK barrel sock also offers replacement reinforced elastic straps. Overtime the elastic will wear out but with the ability to replace it, this feature offsets the cost if you had to just replace the whole barrel sock each time the elastic wore out.

HK Ball Breaker Cleaning
One of the best features of the HK ball breaker barrel sock is the ability to clean it with water quickly and easily. A standard fabric barrel sock once you clean it is soaking wet and soggy. The rubber material of the HK barrel sock dries out quickly and is easily cleanable with a water bottle while at the paintball field or in your sink at home. Once you wash it out, use a paper
towel or rag to dry out the inside of the barrel sock.

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