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Dye Jet Pack Paintball Harness 4+5 - Black/Grey (SKU 579)

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$59.95 - $69.95
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SKU 579
The Dye Jet pack is one of Dye's latest pod harnesses. Ever since the Jet Pack was launched, the customers have found it to be a very comfortable and affordable paintball pack. The Jet pack belt system fits waist sizes around the 40 inch waste size. This offers players something a lot of other paintball harnesses don't offer and that is the option to wear a paintball harness instead of a tactical vest due to a lot of other harnesses not fitting the larger players in the waist.
The elastic and velcro is heavy duty and holds up well when you run the podpack completely full of paint and pods. To wash and maintain the integrity of this paintball harness, do not put the pack in the drier. Wash with cold water and hang dry to keep the pack clean and to not damage the rubber or elastic in the harness. If you are looking for other paintball harnesses, check out the Exalt Project Harness also available in the 4+5 size. 

Jet Paintball Harness Details

  • Fits a larger waist size for players around the 40 inch size.
  • Available in two capacity sizes, 3+4 (7 Pods) or 4+5 (9 Pods)
  • Elastic Ejector Loops-Spring your pods from your pack to your hand for quick reloading.
  • Rubberized Body Material-Helps to prevent harness twist while adding long lasting durability.
  • Micro Injection Pull Tabs-Easy to grip, providing quick access to your pods.
  • Vented Elastic Straps-Keep you cool and comfortable, while providing a custom fit




Customer Reviews

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Andrew Ray
Great fit for big guys

If you're a bigger guy and looking for a harness this thing here is where it's at! Fits very secure with room to tighten! I just run 4 pods but there's a lot of room for more if I needed to more.