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Dye i4/i5 Thermal Paintball Lens-DYEtanium Fade Sunrise

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The Dye Thermal Lens has a history of being one of the most durable lenses on the market. With the release of the Dye I5 paintball goggle, Dye has decided to keep the lens system the same from the I4 paintball mask. This makes an easy transition for players who may own both mask systems. 

The Dye i5 lens is available in 10+ color ways to match whatever color combo you are going for with your gear. Be sure to look around at the different i5 lens colors available before you decide on one. 

This lens is a thermal lens, this means it prevents fogging while playing. The thermal lens is actually two lenses sealed together. If you look closely at the paintball lens picture you are able to see the black lining around the lens, this is the seal between the two layers. 


Dye I5 Lens Details

  • Mask in photo not included
  • New fully dyetanium coated performance i4/i5 lenses
  • Reduces the glare
  • Superior contrast
  • Improved optical clarity
  • Designed so lenses provide a wide range of contrast in different weather and light conditions

I5 Paintball Lens Maintenance

Once you purchase your I5 paintball mask lens, you want to make sure to take good care of it. Some players think you should use chemicals to clean the front of it after you play, this is NOT recommended. Some solutions like Windex can actually ruin the coating on the outside of the lens and remove the color. What we recommend to use on your new paintball lens is just a microfiber cloth and a damp rag. If there is actual dirt on your lens you want to be sure to get the dirt off without pressing down too hard and scratching the lens. Once the dirt is removed, use the soft microfiber cloth to dry off and remove any remaining paint or dirt residue. Also be sure to never submerge your thermal lens completely under water. This can cause the seals between the two lenses to leak and your lens will then fog up. 

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