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Paintball Clothing

Paintball Clothing and Apparel comes in a variety of styles and makes. It spans from your head to your toes and everything in between. It can be as colorful as a rainbow or all black like you are Johnny Cash. 
It can keep you protected and warm but most importantly it makes you look cool and looking cool is almost all what paintball is anyway. In paintball the statement “Clothes make the man” is true, you 
have been out to the field and seen the guy decked out in matching gear with his name on the back of his jersey, when picking teams before the game that guy always gets picked first or close to it. Looking good makes you feel good and feeling good makes you play better....usually. 

Paintball Headbands

Starting at the top let us talk about headbands. Headbands are exactly what they sound like, a long piece of cloth that we tie around our heads. This piece of apparel does three things for you, keep sweat out of your eyes, protect your forehead, and make a statement. Almost all headbands are going to come with a piece of terry cloth on the inside of the headband that goes against your skin, this does two things, make the headband comfy to wear but most importantly it sucks up sweat as it runs down your head. Keeping sweat out of your eyes on the field is worth its weight in gold especially in the summer. 

Next the headband protects, most headbands are made of a sturdy and thick fabric, which makes them kind of padded, this padding is great because it absorbs a lot of the impact of a paintball should someone try to shoot you in the dome. A lot of players will shop for paintball masks that also covers their head better so between using a nice headband and a paintball mask your head will be protected well. 

Then lastly, making a statement. Many headbands have a design or pattern on them, they are like a piece of your own personal flair on the field. Your headband is oftentimes how you become recognizable on the field, when your headband sticks out people remember your play. Picking a headband however is not a big deal, just grab what you think looks cool no matter what it is.

 Paintball headbands and beanies

Paintball Beanies

Next up are beanies, when it is winter or colder weather these guys are the perfect fit. They cover the whole head, they are soft, and they keep you warm. A personal favorite to wear when it turns cold, you cannot go wrong with a beanie. Companies like HK Army, Planet Eclipse, and Empire all release beanies 
in various designs like Flying Skulls, Company Logos, or even your favorite Pro Paintball Team, Go Dynasty Dragon! Beanies provide protection, warmth, and style, you can’t go wrong.

Paintball Headwraps

Headwraps are like a lot like headbands, they both have a headband with a design on it that ties around your head. The big difference is that the headwrap comes with a piece of mesh fabric that goes over your head and hangs down in the back. These are popular for the same reasons as a headband but with the added value of protecting the top of your head and the back of your neck. The headwrap can keep you cool in the sun and will keep some sun off you preventing or delaying some sunburn on sunny days. 

Paintball Pants

Pants come in two styles now, wide legs like GI Race 2.0 pants or tight around the legs in a jogger fit like the HK Joggers. The pants can be padded or not, come with reinforced knees or not. There are a lot of 
options when it comes to pants, so it is best to pick what fits best and looks cool to you. Plenty of manufacturers make pants from Bunker Kings to JT. The heavy-duty pants with built in pads and reinforced Kevlar knees work well in the woods for rough play on rugged ground but fit just as well on the turfed airball field as well. The minimalist pants like Joggers without any pads hold up extremely well on the tournament field sliding and diving around on turf or grass, but they hang with the best of them out in the woods as well, the HK Jogger is an example of a durable, no padding jogger type pant. 
With all the different fits and cuts on pants there is sure to be a pant that you find comfy and fits you.

Paintball pants and cleats

 Paintball Cleats

Wearing the correct paintball shoes is very important if you want to have a good time at the field. In most cases players will wear some sort of cleat, this helps get traction when running through the woods or on the tournament field. There is a good balance of comfort and performance however. HK Army cleats are some of the best cleats available specifically made for paintball while soccer and football cleats are great alternatives. If you are just heading to the paintball park to have a great time with friends then paintball cleats might not be important. Grab a pair of old tennis shoes that can get dirty, make sure they are comfortable and go have a great time!   

Paintball Jerseys

Now days paintball jerseys come in all makes and models. Some paintball jerseys come with padding while others are designed to be light weight and breathe well for the tournament style players. Depending on what you are looking for, paintball jerseys can offer a ton of protection, a unique look while also giving you another option to wear instead of your favorite hoodie. 

If you ever decide to play paintball tournaments then you will want to look for a custom paintball jersey so that you can design your jersey with your name and number! Even if you just would like your own customer jersey for you and your friends this is possible with or without the padding. 

 Do you have questions or need help making your decisions? 
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