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Ultimate Hopper Weight Comparison

Hey, everyone. John Jackson here with Pro Edge Paintball. Today, I've got the ultimate weight comparison hopper video for you. Let's get started. 

All right. So, I've had a few requests on comparing, for example, the Spire 5, which just came out this year, to the Spire 4 to see what differences it is. And I figured why not do a comparison on every current electronic loader that we carry? And I think that's available right now. If I'm missing one, make sure you go ahead and give me a shout out in the comments. Let me know what hopper I'm missing. I've even got some hoppers that aren't made anymore out here. So, let's go and get started, see what's going on.


All right. So, I'm going to weigh these in no particular order, starting from the right side to the left side. And go ahead and turn the scale on so you know it's been zeroed out. Good to go there. So, I'm going to do it in ounces. So, zero out is good to go. I'm going to start with probably the oldest hopper out here, the Empire Halo. Also, before I do that, every hopper here has batteries in it or is operable.


So, even the Spire 5 normally comes with the speed feed. I would put the lid on there because every other loader, except for the HK-TFX-3, has a lid. I forgot to grab that one. But everything in here has batteries ready to go, ready to turn on. The TFX 3 is a rechargeable battery. It's not charged, but it's in there ready to go. But so even the halo, turn it on, here spin, ready to go. So, I'll prove that with each one. Okay, so we've got zero ounces there. So, for the Empire halo two, we're looking at 20.3 ounces. I'm going to do the Bunker King control loader, show you that it's ready to go. It's on. Okay. All right. So zero Bunker King control loader comes in at 16.9 ounces. So, quite a bit lighter than the halo. I've got the Virtue IR2. Battery is in that one. Zeroed out. 16.8 ounces. Okay, 16.9. Let'sthat. 16.9 ounces for Virtue Spire IR2. I even grabbed we had an old Virtue Spire 4, 4 hopper. They're not really available anymore, but a lot of people are using this loader. I wanted to go ahead and put batteries in here, make sure we're good, so you have a good comparison.

So, zero ounces, batteries in there. 19.2, is that right? So Spire 4, 19.2, IR2, 16.2, and 13.9. Okay. Spire 5, I'll wait till the end, actually. All right, HK Army, sonic copper. So, this only takes one nine-volt battery, one button on. Good to go.
So, this is extremely light, but as far as the feed rate, it's not as fast as some of the other loaders. 13.5. So, so far I think the IR2 was the lightest at 16.9, 17 ounces. And the sonic loader is much lighter, 13.4. Significant difference. Okay. All right. Let's go with the HK Army Speed Hopper. Same thing. Batteries in there. There you go. Turn it off. Zero it out. 15.3. So, HK Army Speed versus HK Army Sonic, 15.3 versus 13.4, 13.5, I believe is what it was a second ago. Okay. The HK Army TFX 3 with no lid, though it has a speed feed, 17.7 ounces. So, that's a little bit heavier than the IR-2, but still lighter than the Spire 4. Yep. Okay. All right. Now we have the die loaders. I feel like this one is going to be a little bit heavier.
The die LTR has been around absolutely forever. The battery is ready to go. Zero it out. Let's try to get the stand up on this thing. There we go. 21.4, 21.5. Is that still lighter than the Spire 4? No, 4 is a little bit lighter. Okay. So, dye LTR was 21.7, 21.6. Okay. Die R2 loader. This is the high end die loader. Good to go.


All right. Zero it out. 20.4. Okay, so 20.4 for the R2. And what was the LTR? So R2, a little bit lighter than the LTR. So, this is their high end. The LTR is their $110 loader, I believe. Okay, every loader out there, the brand new Spire 5. Let's see what it weighs in at. Zero it out. Battery, good to go. 18.5. So, out of all of the loaders on the high end side, I think the Spire 5 is the lightest. Let's see here, 18.5. What was this one? Oh, no, I forgot about the control loader. My fault, 16.9, 16.9 on that one and the IR2 16.9. I think that one keeps changing a little bit. Cool deal. So, it looks like, of course, the sonic loader, I think, was the absolute lightest here.


Second, I want to say, was the HK Army Speed. And then it was pretty close between the IR-2, the control loader, and then the Spire 5, I think, was the next one. So, I think that should solve all the questions on which hopper is the lightest. If you guys have any questions, comment below. If there's any other video ideas that you have that you want to share, go and comment below. Otherwise, please like this video if you found it helpful. And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more weekly videos. Other than that, thank you guys so much for watching. We'll see you next time.

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