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HK Army XV One Piece Barrel - Worth it?

Hey, guys. John here at Pro Edge Paintball. I'm back with another weekly video. Today, I'm excited to show you a barrel. I haven't done any barrel videos before. They take a lot of effort as far as shooting and experience, all that good stuff. Today, I'm going to give you a quick little overview on one of the newer barrels that we started carrying and we've been extremely happy with.


So, today's barrel and today's item is going to be the HK Army XV one-piece barrel. What that means is HK Army brand. If you're new to paintball, it's a pretty popular brand. Then it's a one-piece barrel. What that means is it's completely one piece of metal instead of a two-piece barrel. Some people think a two-piece barrel is better than a one piece. It depends on what you're going for. Being two pieces versus one piece does not mean it is better or worse than one. Just with those facts. You actually need a little more information than that. I like a one-piece barrel. For a lot of newer players, I like it better because there's less moving parts. It's easier to understand until you get a little more experience.

This being a one-piece barrel, this is our most popular recommended barrel that we recommend for a lot of your entry-level guns like your Spider paintball guns, your Azodin, Chaos & Blitz, and your Empire mini GS. This is our number one favorite entry-level recommended barrel that we like. Let's get started on that one. The XV one-piece barrel is available in, of course, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, I think eight different colors. We have pewter. It's like a darker silver, almost like a gray. We have purple. There, I like that a lot. That's a good color. HK has done a real good job making sure they offer everything in a ton of colors. Gold, red. You have your olive, which I think looks sick on this mini. Olive there. Your actual silver.
Good to go.


Out, and then your blue. That looks good on that Victor. I have a couple of guns here that, again, we would recommend. I want to show you the stock barrel versus this barrel, so that way you can understand, is it worth buying the upgraded barrel and what you're going to get for your money, basically. Like I said, they're available.

Oh, and they're also in a solid black. I didn't grab the solid black one. They're available for a spider for spider paintball guns. If it has the word spider on it, it will take a very specific spider barrel and it also will take auto-cocker threading. What that means is the threading on the actual back of the barrel is either going to be designed for a spider paintball gun or guns that take auto-cocker threading, which is the design of this. Azodin and Empire guns are going to be auto-cocker threading. That's what it's going to say on the website. Auto-cocker threading or cocker threading is going to be a Azodin, Empire, Planet Eclipse, like your GETEC, your LVs, your EMEX, all those are going to be auto-cock or threaded barrels. Then again, spider is just going to be strictly spider guns, so spider paintball guns like this one here. As you can see, again, these are 15-inch barrels, so they're going to be longer than your standard barrel. This is a stock spider barrel. As you can see the difference there, pretty obvious on that one. So, it will help you a little bit with distance.

But main thing, just overall better accuracy. Most pro paintball players use about a 14 to 16-inch barrel just because it seems to be the most optimal and perform the best out of compared to like an eight or 10-inch barrel. So, the main difference between a XV barrel, I'm trying to find a good color you can see. Let's try this purple one. You can see all the holes here. This is considered your port ink. So, the more porting typically, the quieter the barrel is going to be. And if you notice your spider barrel there has almost no porting at all. So, very loud and it's going to be, of course, not going to perform as well. You can see that there it's probably about a 10-inch barrel versus a 15-inch barrel. If you have a spider paintball gun and you're considering upgrading, definitely look into the XV one-piece barrel. They do have some good colors to match it. They have red, black, olive, and blue, actually, for all the spider victims. Those are very popular guns and barrel upgrades on that one. I definitely recommend it for your spider. Definitely going to be an upgrade on that one. These are also available in different bore sizes. And what that means is the inside diameter here. The one we recommend is the 0.685. That's the most popular one that we do carry in the boar size because it will fit pretty much like, let's say 95% of every paintball that's out there, that's going to be 68 caliber. So, that's just going to be a diameter. So, 0.685 is what we recommend and what we typically carry the most of. So good to go on that one. So, you got your spider. This is your Azodin one. They don't make like a neon green barrel. So, I just went through a Dust Silver. Dust is the finish on there, so you can see what that looks like. So, Azodin. It's pretty nice on that one. Again, it just screws on.


But a spider-threaded barrel will not fit on the Azodin barrel because again, the threading on there. And then I want to show you the mini-GS, the barrel on there. That's all of tan mini-GS. We do have those on our website, proedgepb.com. You can pick up any of the items here. We have a live chat. So, if you have questions after you watch this video, comment below or go to our website and ask the chat question on there, and that goes directly to me. So, of course, you've got the olive. And again, this is a one-piece barrel, so no insert. It's nothing like that. You've read about that before. So, this barrel, you can expect it to be quieter than your stock barrel, pretty much on most entry to mid-level type guns. Your accuracy should be better because it is probably just a better quality than your stock barrel. This is a mini GS stock barrel. This is your Azodin barrel. Again, this is your spider barrel. So, comparison, as you can see, I'm going to throw it right there, for your spider and your you're definitely going to get probably a little quieter, a little better quality, a little bit better as far as the distance goes, just an overall better quality performing barrel.

A mini, however, I don't know if I would recommend this for a mini because it does come with a pretty nice barrel already out of the box. It has very nice porting on it. It's good quality on that one. On a mini, I would typically recommend a barrel kit, and we'll have more videos on that here soon. But yeah, so HK Army, the feedback we've got so far on this, everybody absolutely loves it. It shoots accurate. Again, the quietness, that's pretty easy to tell. It is definitely going to be quieter than your stock barrel on a lot of your entry-level guns. The price is, I believe, is $44.95. Let me double-check that. So, $44.95, I definitely think it's a fair price for what you're getting. If you are new to and you're looking for inexpensive upgrade to ask for a gift or you just want your gun to shoot a little bit better without spending a ton of money, definitely check out the HK Army XV one-piece barrel. For your spider, your Azodin, the Tippmann guns, I'm not sure if they make it for the Tippmann guns. I'd have to check on that. Then, of course, like your E-Mech, your entry-level, planet-clips gun, stuff like that, you can probably see pretty significant performance but increase on something like this.
We don't have a shooting video yet on this, but if you do have any questions or if you have shot this barrel and used it before, go and comment below. Let the other players out there and let us know what you think about it. We've shot the barrel, we just don't have a video of it. That is just your H. K. Army XV one-piece barrel, $44.95, available on our website. Again, if you have any feedback or you want to see any other barrels, go ahead and comment below and we'll get those covered for you. Pretty straightforward. Like I said, we've been real happy with them. Definitely recommend them, otherwise we wouldn't make a video about it.


Thank you guys so much for watching. If you liked the video, go and hit like on there. That helps our video show to other players like yourself. If you have any other feedback on other barrels that you like, like barrel kits, individual barrels, anything like that or any other videos you would like us to cover, go ahead and comment below. We appreciate any other feedback. Other than that, thank you guys so much for watching and we will see you guy next week.

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