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Tippmann CO2 Paintball Tanks - Explained


Hey, everyone. John here with pro h paintball. I am back with another weekly video. Today, I'm going to do a little video on CO2 tanks. If you've played paintball for a while, that's pretty basic, but we get a ton of questions about CO2. What is it? We have a lot of newer players that are reaching out to us, so we want to make sure we address a lot of those questions. So, to get started today, I have the Tippmann line of CO2 tanks


Tippmann is a branding of it. So if you're out there researching for paintball guns, you've seen a Tippmann brand. And one thing I want to get out of the way is in order to use a Tippmann air tank, you don't have to use a Tippmann paintball gun. So just we get that question a lot. And it seems obvious again for some of the players out there. But for newer players, don't feel bad. A Tippmann brand is just like a branding. It's like a Nike. You can wear Nike shoes with like Adidas socks or something like that. You can definitely use them for different branding.

It's not a problem at all on that one. So this is the Tippmann line of CO2 tanks. This is what they call a Tippmann. Twelve ounce CO2 tank. This is a Tippmann 20 ounce.
And this is a 24 ounce. So, what the ounces mean? That's how much liquid CO2 is going to be put basically into the bottle itself. The more liquid CO2, the more CO2, the more capacity, the more shots that you're going to get out of it. So, these bottles are refillable.

So, if you're out there researching what to get for your first paintball gun, these bottles are refillable. These are not a one time use thing. So, I know a lot of people also will use this for we've seen them for shifters, for their drag cars. You've seen them for fish tanks, stuff like that. So, if you're looking for that, these are refillable at pretty much any paintball store paintball fields.

However, if you're shopping for these and you're not sure if your local paintball field fills a CO2 tank, I would definitely call them first before you make a purchase for any CO2 tank from any location, even if it's not our store. CO2, typically the places of business, the paintball fields and the stores, we have to hire somebody else. We have to pay somebody else to give us larger bottles of CO2. Whereas the other type of air, which is called compressed air, which actually I have a bottle here. This is a compressed air bottle.


This one our filled stores. We can purchase a compressor and we can refill these up for you or for ourselves, so we don't have to depend on anybody else. So, this is becoming more of the way of going. If you read online, you'll say people will say this is a cleaner, a better type of air. And if you're going to get real picky, it definitely is. But, for newer players, CO2 here is a little less expensive and you get more shots. We'll go over that too. So we'll have another video talking about the Tippmann compressed air bottle, but I just want to give you a comparison on that one.


Okay. So, as far as the Tippmann tanks go, again, they are refillable most of your paintball stores. A lot of your paintball stores can fill them up, but paintball fields cannot. So, definitely, check with them first. And the rule is if you're shopping for an electronic paintball gun, you don't want to go CO2. That's a pretty black and white rule, pretty easy to understand if it takes a battery or if you have to turn it on with electronics. You don't really want to use CO2 on that at all.

If you can skip the CO2 stage altogether, is what we would recommend. What we mean by that is if you're going to continue playing paintball, let's say in a year. So, currently you're shopping for your first paintball gun. You've played a handful of times and you want to get an air tank. You're not sure what kind.

These are about twenty five dollars to thirty five dollars, depending on where you go. So, not super expensive, but not real cheap either. What happens is on your next paintball gun, if it requires a battery, which most of them will start with what we call a mechanical entry level paintball gun, no battery. And your next paintball gun requires a battery, it's a little more advanced. It's going to need that other type of air, which means not only are you going to buy a 20 ounce o two tank now, but in six months or a year now you're going to go and buy the other tank.
So, now you've spent more money. So, one thing we try to recommend people, and we're not just trying to sell you a more expensive tank on one hand, a lot of places would love to sell you the CO2 tank now and the compressed air tank later. But, for your experience, we actually recommend, if you can afford to skip the CO2, station the whole level of CO2 and go straight to the compressed air, you're going to save more money in the long run and you're going to have a better experience. But, today what we're going to talk about is if you're not going to skip that and you want to start as least expensive as possible and you're going to go with CO2, we're going to teach you a little bit about all the CO2 tanks, the difference between them, all that good stuff. So, if you're shooting a mechanical paintball gun, you have a mechanical paintball gun, excuse me, or you are going to purchase one, let's say like a spider paintball gun or a Tippmann branded paintball gun.
There are other course, other mechanicals, but those are very popular. So, spider or Tippmann, you can go with the CO2 tank. Let's say you've already called your local paintball filled up and they say, yes, we do fill CO2. Okay, we're good to go on that one. Now, you're trying to decide what size do I want to go with.

So, your twelve ounce, this is going to give you about 500 to 800 shots, first off, depending on how full the local place actually fills it up. And also depending on your gun because just like vehicles out there, some vehicles are more efficient on how much fuel they use. Same for paintball guns. Some guns use more air, some guns use less air. So, the safe estimate would say about, let's say 600 shots, roughly on a 20 ounce bottle. 600 shots is going to be about three of those hoppers, the black thing that's on top of your paintball gun when you rent them or if you buy one, each one of those holds about 200. So, about three of those per twelve ounce bottle.

One of the benefits to the twelve ounce bottle is going to be lighter when it's filled up. These tanks do get heavier, but a twelve ounce, because it is smaller, it will get lighter. So, if you're a smaller player out there, you don't want something super heavy and you don't shoot a lot. Maybe the 12oz is exactly what you need. So, again, these are about, I think, 27, $28. The price has changed because of metal, all that good stuff. So, it does change over time, between 25 and 35 roughly is a good price.

All right, well, let's say you want to get more than 600 shots. You're going to go play on your own property. You want as many shots as you can go with, but you don't really want, let's say, a huge bottle. The 20 ounce bottle, 20 ounce Tippmann bottle is the most popular bottle that we carry hands down compared to any other air tank out there. Of course there's another brand called HK Army, so we have both of those on our website, both of those 20 ounce bottles, extremely popular. Going to do everything you need if you're looking for a 20 ounce CO2 bottle.


So, a 20 ounce is going to give you closer to about 1000 to 1200 shots, again, depending on the gun. And most of these bottles cost about $5 to get them filled up at our paintball store, at other stores roughly around the country, between $5 and $10 at the most typically get them filled up. So, again, you want to get more shots. What's nice about this, it's the same length, so it's not going to add too much size to your setup and it's going to give you quite a more shot. So, the 20 ounce is definitely the most popular choice.

The next one up is going to be the 24 ounce. So, 24 ounce is if you're, let's say a taller person, you have longer arms. This air tank is going to go into a back of a paintball gun. So this is kind of like your stock when you're aiming on a normal rifle or gun. So, of course, the longer the bottle, the taller the bottle, the longer away your gun setup is going to be.

As you screw it in, hold it. And so if you're really tall, you may consider to go with a 24 ounce CO2 tank. They're going to be about $35. And this is going to give you closer to about 1400 to 1600 shots per air-fill. So, what that means is if you've ever been to play paintball, each hopper holds 200 rounds. So, this is going to give you close to about eight of those, which is a lot of paintballs, or it's going to give you almost a full box of paintballs worth of shots out of it. So, again, if you're playing on your own property, you want a ton of shots and you want to maybe purchase multiple of these to get them filled up so you don't have to worry about getting air. The 20 ounce and the 24 ounce is definitely what we would recommend on something like that.


The most important thing on CO2, I would say the two things to take away from this video are going to be does your local place fill them up? That's super hard to find out. You want to make sure you give a call, check their website and give them a call. Because if you buy a 20 ounce bottle and you go to local field and they don't fill it up, you're either going to have to buy one that day or you're going to have to rent one from them. And sometimes they can charge you for it. And then also you want to make sure you're using a CO2 tank on a non electronic paintball gun. Because, again, the CO2 is a liquid. If you're putting the liquid into electronics, it will cause problems. It'll damage your paintball gun. It's not going to be good. It's going to cost you more money in the long run. So, make sure your local place fills them up. And then make sure, of course, you're not using them on the wrong gun.

And before I forget, these do not come filled up. So, I don't know of any store online or whatnot that you can buy them and they do come with air in them. We're not allowed to ship them with air in them. So, if you are purchasing this or shopping around, they're not going to come filled up.


So, if you think you're going to go out that day and shoot them, you got to find a local place to get them filled up with. That said though, if you are here in Houston and you're close to our store. When you purchase these, our prices include to get them filled up or to have them filled. So, when you purchase one of these air tanks in our store locally, come by. We include a free air fill, the one free air fill. And when you leave the store, it does come filled up. You're good to go. You can use it immediately once you get all set up. So, trying to think of anything else. I had some stuff written down. Yeah, that's pretty much it. So, make sure, like I said, they do come empty, refillable. Make sure your local field fills them up or store. Some stores will do them. Some sporting goods companies will do them like Dix Sporting Goods. Academy used to do it. Walmart used to it. You may want to call or try to look at your local sporting goods company. I know Dix is actually, I think they're one of the bigger sporting goods company, and I believe they do fill them up for you. If you have one of those close by and you're not near a paintball field or store, definitely consider giving them a call. You might want to go to CO2. The most popular reason people will go CO2, again, is the price. $25 to $35 were the next type of air that every paintball filter will fill up is closer to $60 to get started. It's almost double the price. Sometimes double the price just to get that same air tank that's going to give you fewer shots. There's a long story on that one. The guns require all that good stuff.


Hopefully, that wasn't too confusing. Hopefully, I didn't move too quick. If you do have any questions about the CO2, we do have live chat help on our website. You can message us on social media. If you're watching this video on YouTube and you have comments about this, I know everybody's going to say don't go with CO2, don't go with CO2, but please understand you do have newer players out there that are on a budget that are trying to get started very inexpensively or affordably and they want to start somewhere. I think CO2 is a good thing. That's not going to hurt a mechanical gun that's designed for it. It should be a good experience. Overall, I started with CO2 tanks way back 20 plus years ago when I first started playing. They're not going to end the world. Just show you real quick on the front here, you can actually see the threads in here.


On the side here, just safety advice. You don't ever want to touch that this is a safety valve. If this tank gets too hot and the air tank fills up too much, that is supposed to let all the air out. It'll be very loud. It'll blow out, let all the gas out of the bottle, all the air out. And that way the bottle doesn't explode and it vents out. So, this is just a safety, basically a little thing so you don't drop your bottle and damage the top. Pretty straightforward. Again, if I missed anything, you guys have any questions or you are shopping for a paintball gun and you're not sure if you want to go with CO2 or the other type which is compressed air, go and comment below. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. I answer pretty much all the comments on YouTube and our live chat on our website, social media and our email. You can do help@proedgepaintball.com. We answer those questions as well. Thank you so much for watching. Again, please like our video. We offer weekly videos every Thursday, product reviews, overview videos, type like that. Go ahead and subscribe and watch our channel. Again, thank you so much for watching and we will see you guys next week.

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