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Planet Eclipse 180R Overview and Disassembly with Tony

Hey, guys, it's Tony with Pro Edge Paintball. And today we're going to be disassembling the new Planet Eclipse 180R. I haven't taken one of these apart yet, so this will be fun. All right, let's get started. One of the neat things about it is the new barrel. It's not your standard shaft barrel like it was on the 170R, because it takes the new power insert for the S63 barrel.

That reverse thread gets me every time.
Two piece barrel insert slots in. Awesome.
Now, let's get to the fun part, taking apart this gun. I'm actually really excited about these grips because it's just one screw instead of the normal two.
So, there goes one and here's the other. So, like on the previous 170R, there was a screw here and a screw here. So, let's take a look at this.


So, you can see there's little nubbins up at the top here that are going to slot into the frame on both sides and lock it in like that new wiring. It's actually pretty sick. Like they're doing this on the modern Planet Eclipse Gun, where there's clear paths milled out for the wiring. So, that you don't have to worry about getting tangled up or just having poor wire management. I'm a big fan of that.

Next is going to be this front grip. It's going to pull off just like the 170R. And from there, it seems to be pretty similar. Bolt comes out the same way.
It's going to be this one eight Allen key on these frame screws. But, as we saw when we took off the grip, it is a new board, ish

So, there's the other screw right back here underneath where the bolt system goes through. Just pop it loose and then it slots. And then it just slides apart. You have the little slot that fits the nub that fits into the slot, holds it together. That way the two screws hold it down.

So, we've got that separated. And we still have that tool-less eye cover pops off with the light pipe. But, as you can tell with the top tube, there's no board. No board. So, this whole frame holds all the electronics, just like it did on the 170R, to see it in CS2. It's all down here. And so, like swapping stuff out, like when there's a Mech frame available. Super great. You don't have to worry about pulling electronics out or anything like that. It's going to be just drop the frame.


We've got that. And then what's really neat, you got the screw to drop the trigger, little trigger pin, and it slides out the bottom. Easy as eating pancakes.
Taking apart the pops ASA. Right here you got your little pin. You're just going to push it in. It make sure that you don't shoot that spring off. But there you go, the two screws. But, there we go.

One of my favorite tricks when taking planet eclipse guns apart. Grab the littlest Allen key in your Allen key set and you can put it in the bottom, through the hole in the piston and use it to wiggle that piston back and forth and kind of wedge it out. You can feel it kind of grab because you never really want to put pliers on the outside of these pistons because it'll mar it up. And this slides through an O-ring right here.

So, if that piston gets marred up on the outside that's no longer holding the sealant, it's going to cause a leak for you. So, that's why Allen key through the bottom there. Great way to cut that out. We're going to pop this loose and that's going to give us access to our reg seat and velocity adjuster. That just comes out with a simple one eight size Allen key. So, you want to screw it in and through.

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