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JT TRIAD Hopper with John Dresser


Hey, this is John from JT. I'm here with the new JT Triad. This is a loader that is at $150 price point, so not super expensive, but even better for that price, you get a speed feed, you get a rain lid, and you get the internal tray all included. So, let's go through the triad real fast. Simple one-button push. Basically, what we did is made all the programming internal. You don't have to program it yourself. Then, what we did is obviously speed feed that can lift up and reload, and then inside there's a button to open it and just slides forward. So, two-piece, really sweet assembly, really easy. And then the third piece is that tray. So, it comes apart super easy. But, here's one of my favorite things about the whole loader. Not just does it drop right together, but inside there's a dummy lock. So, that yellow lock, always use it when you play. You bring it up, it locks it, and the loader can't pop open on you. Push it down. It comes right apart.

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So, three AAA batteries. Cone can actually come out. It's just on a magnet. The whole tray stays in by magnet as well, not falling out. And again, pop it back together. All you do is put that front nose in and just clicks right in place. Put that dummy lock up and it's together, ready to go. The JT Triad. And then that included rain lid that I talked about, your rain lids on. That simple to take it apart, put it back together. It is proven technology. It has both eyes and infrared inside. It's basically made for brittle paint, and it's made to be dependable.

JT Triad.

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