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HK Expand Backpack Review with John!

HK Expand Backpack Review with John J!


Hey, everyone. John Jackson here with Pro Edge Paintball. Today, I have the HK Army Expand backpack. I'm going to show you how much can we fit inside of it. Is it worth of the price? I'm going to show you all the features and show you all the colors.

Experience the Versatility of the HK Army Expand Backpack, Available in Five Vibrant Colors. This is my favorite color, one of my favorite colors. This is the red-black shroud. One of the coolest features or best features, I think, on this type of backpack, of course, are the padded straps. It's got two nice padded straps, but also on each end, it's got nice carrying handles. So, when you take it off, you actually have something to hold onto it, where some of the larger gear bags nowadays, they don't even have the end handles on there to hold on to. It's a pain on that one. So, of course, it's got backpack straps. It does have four nice pockets on the outside with nice waterproof or water-resistant zippers. I like that they did the color of the bag, like the trim of the zip. It's a nice touch. Each pocket is a little padded on the outside of it. So, it's not like a real thin material. It's actually got the outside and inside material. It's a little bit thicker, so they help protect the items that you put inside of it. Each one's got a Molle webbing on the outside of it, so you can attach anything you'd like. On each end of the bag are pockets as well.


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On the top of the bag here, you have double-zippered goggles compartment. So, it does have a microfiber lining on the inside of it to help keep, like, your lenses and your goggles itself from getting scratched up. It's a nice place to put your sunglasses at the end of the day as well, or during the day when you're playing, I mean.

On the bottom here is the reason why they call it an expand bag or expand backpack, is because it actually has material in the bottom here that you can pull out, and it adds 30% more storage space inside the backpack. What's nice too is if you don't want to use the bottom area here to expand your bag, you can actually just put your dirty pants or cleats in the bottom here because it's made out of a different material. This isn't like a microfiber cloth that's just going to get nasty over time. This is actually like a really heavy, I guess, like nylon type material that should be able to wipe off pretty easy. So, you can put your cleats in the bottom, something like that, or your paint wall pants to keep it separate from everything else inside your bag.


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Hk Army Expand backpack

Moving to the inside of the bag, move the shoulder straps out of the way here. They are sewn on so they're not detachable, which I think would be a cool feature. That way, if you want to use it just as a double bag or just the carrying handlers, you can do that as well, but they are not detachable here. The same thing. You have two zippers, two waterproof, water-resistant zippers. You can open it up. You've got a nice mesh pocket here on top. I really like mesh pockets mainly because you can see what's actually inside of here. So, your phone, your keys, anything like that, even certain tools or barrel socks, you can see it pretty quickly if you need it while you're at an event or a practice. Inside the bag, you have a padded separator where you can make sure that your barrels and your gun don't get scratched up from the other items like your air tank that's inside your bag. You've got a padded separator there. You actually have a padded marker pocket that goes inside of it. You're saying fit one paintball gun inside here with little padding through this, so that way it doesn't get dinged up.

And there's a little Velcro here, so you can actually use this Velcro here to close that pocket up and make sure it doesn't go anywhere. Inside here you also have barrel loop, so you can put a swab in here if you want, but you can also put like barrel backs, barrel tips, maybe some extra insert and keep it all stored inside. Then once you've got it all stored up and wrapped up, you can take the padded cover, use the Velcro here to hold it all closed up. That way everything's nicely controlled in the side of the bag. Like I said, these are available in five colors. This is your red, black shroud.

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The next color is your black and green shroud. So, same thing, nice green trim with the little camo, gray and black camo there. The next color is your forest shroud. Your fourth color option is stealth, all black. What's really nice about this is the only white on the bag is going to be on the top and on the bottom there. So, I like it very clean look. So if you're not going to use it for paintball and something else, it's not crazy, vibrant colors, something nice and clean that you can use for something else. And the last color choice, one of my favorites is their tropical skull. I like it. If you want to be loud and proud out there, you can definitely mix it up with this bag here. This is cool. If you don't want the same bag as everybody else, you want yours to stand out a little bit, this is a pretty cool color combo. Pretty cool print there. You've got your HK, you've got your skulls, flowers, all kinds of stuff. It's got nice little subtle HK logos throughout as well.

All right, so let's fill this bag up and see how much it'll hold. I'm going to grab the red and black shroud, expand bag to match my red and black setup here, red logo, red goggles. I like that. I've got a Ninja 77 bottle, a bunch of other extra stuff. I've got a GO4 pants, jerseys, pads, pods, goggles, goggles, loader, all that good stuff. See just how much I can fit inside this bag. So, first things first. I'm going to go ahead and throw the gun in there. I'm going to go ahead and throw the GO4 in the padded pocket on the side here.

Quick and easy.

I'm going to go ahead and throw the barrel in the barrel slot here. Velcro it up. Grab a pack, throw the pack in the bottom. This even has the placards on there from being brand new.

Let's see just how much we can fit in here. Throw my Bandana pro-flexes right here on the top. I'm going to zip that up. So, if you didn't want to put your goggles in here to save room, it's nice. You could actually leave them clipped on the and it doesn't go into the main compartment here. So if you wanted more room or you want to just clip them on the side like this on the back side of it, or if you have a carabiter on some of the web, like the molly webbing, it'd be nice to clip it on there.

Good to go.


Hk army bag review

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Save yourself some room. But today we're going to put it inside the bag. Zip it up there. All right, let's throw our Ninja 77, matte black and red, throw that back on there. I've got my pod swab, my HK army pod swab, throw that in the bottom. Fit some pods in here. I'm going to go ahead and expand it out. Put my pods in the bottom. These are the Gen X Sparkle smoke pods. Again, everything you can see here available on proedgepaintball.com. We've got our Bunker King control loader. I've got that bad boy in there. I've got some exalt arm pads here. I've got those in there. I'm not folding anything. It's just crammed in there. So, if you really were trying to travel and really fit as much as you can here, you probably fold this up a little nicer than what I'm doing. I've got some HK Army, TRK pants, and Double X, so not some small size. Put that in there. And I've got an HK Army jersey. Zip it up. Good to go. That's not even all the way full. So, I've got a G04. I've got a loader, the Bunker King loader, Ninja-77, pair of pro-flexes arm pads, knee pads, pants, jerseys, four pods pack, and a pod swab. I mean, I would say this is everything you need. The only thing I don't have, I forgot about cleats. If you have some cleats, maybe you can tie them on the side, hang them on the side, or again, take your goggles out, put your goggles and hang your goggles on the outside of it, throw your cleats in there. That'd be pretty much everything, except for maybe some slide shorts, some swabs, something like that. So, this bag can hold quite a bit on here. I don't have any of the pockets on the outside for your ID, lube, tools, barrel socks, microfibers. You can throw all that on the outside here.

"This is my favorite bag I have ever owned, especially for the small extras you need to take to the paintball field"

So, this is a great little bag. I've used it for a little over a year now. It's my backup bag. I carry it whenever I bring extra stuff to the field to do shooting videos or anything like that. I love it. It keeps it out of the mud because, of course, you got your backpack straps, carrying handles, all that good stuff. It comes in five different colors. They have five standard colors. And occasionally, they'll release a limited edition or I guess like a limited edition type color scheme. Make sure to check out our website, proedgepaintball.com. Everything here is available. If you guys have any questions about the bag, if you like it, if you love it, give me a shout out. Let me know in the comments below. If you've used it before or if you like another bag instead. That gives me some feedback too to see if I'm on the right track and recommending the good stuff. If you enjoy our videos, make sure you like this video. That way it helps show up to other players like yourself that are looking for new gear bag videos, stuff like that. And also, subscribe to our YouTube channel where I do at least two or three videos every single week of all kinds of different videos. So, yeah, any questions hit me up. Otherwise, thank you guys so much for watching and we'll see you next time.


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