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Buying My First Paintball Gun

Are you in the market for your first paintball gun or paintball marker? If so, you probably are aware that there is so much out there to choose from!

My name is John Jackson and I am the owner of Pro Edge Paintball store. I have been playing paintball since 1998 and really love the sport of paintball and all that it has to offer! 

With over 20 years of playing paintball and over 10 years of working at paintball fields and my store, here is my "Choosing Your First Paintball Gun Guide".


1. Stick with larger name brands! Do a little research into different paintball guns. As you look around you will notice certain brands really stand out and are much more popular than others. This is typically due to that company being reliable and having a good reputation over the years! 
2. Start smart! In the paintball world you can spend as much or as little on your first paintball marker. I don't recommend going with the cheapest Academy paintball gun you can find but you most definitely don't have to spend $1000 on your first setup. Now days, if you are smart on your first choice you can get away with spending anywhere from $90 to $400 on top of the line, long lasting and a high performing paintball gun. The price will really depend on YOU. Do you like the tactical look, do you want full auto or do you play more of the sniper role not shooting very much during the game? This will be up to you and each company makes something to fit your exact needs!
3. Buy With Support! Please be sure that the company you are giving your money to stands behinds their products and has a record of great customer service. All paintball guns will need to be cleaned and maintained and yes occasionally break down but it is all about how the companies handle your situation if it is out of the ordinary. If you aren't sure, just talk to your local paintball pro shops and see who they prefer. The stores deal with these companies on a regular basis and should know who is easy to work with and who isn't. 
4. Look Long Term! Some paintball markers will be very basic and very affordable. This isn't always a bad thing but see what kind of upgrades are available for them. If you want to make your tactical paintball gun look very realistic by adding a ton of attachments, be sure that the marker has attachments available for it before buying it. Sometimes when you spend less money you are paying for fewer options down the road.
5. Should I Buy Used Paintball Guns?
When considering to buy your first paintball gun, you may consider buying a preowned or used paintball gun. Luckily over the last few years the reliability and durability of paintball guns has increased dramatically. If you are someone who enjoys doing solid research and is willing to take your time finding a reliable deal then purchasing a used paintball gun isn’t a bad idea. If you do go through buying a pre owned paintball marker, reach out to your local paintball store to get support and find out what major issues could possibly be wrong. This will give you a final idea if you’re deal is good decision or not. 
One main thing to consider before pulling the trigger on buying used is if you want the warranty that comes with buying new. Some stores will offer a warranty on new and used paintball guns. 

6. Speedball or Magfed Paintball Guns
7. Which brands should I consider? 
From our experience of buying, selling and repairing paintball equipment, we have learned that sticking with the following companies have the best chance of giving you a great experience. Planet Eclipse paintball guns are by far the most reliable, well known and best performing paintball guns currently made. Tippmann paintball guns are the most durable, and the best paintball gun that paintball parks use for rental equipment. Tippman paintball guns are the most popular mag fed and tactical paintball guns used around the world. Empire paintball guns are our third most favorite brand of guns due to the incredible warranty and huge selection the Empire brand offers. The Empire Mini GS and Empire Axe are two of the most famous electronic paintball guns ever made. If you stick with these three brands you will be extremely happy with with your paintball gun purchase. 
8. Mechanical Paintball Guns
For beginner paintball players I usually recommend for them to start out with a mechanical paintball gun. A mechanical style gun is an easier to use, slower rate of fire paintball gun that doesn’t require any form of electronics or batteries. Mechanical markers are very easy for maintenance as they tend to be more durable and require less servicing than electronic paintball guns. Mechanical markers usually operate on CO2 air tanks but the more advanced mechanical guns run off of compressed air like the more advanced paintball guns require. 
9. Electronic Paintball Guns
This type of paintball gun is a faster rate of fire, more advanced style that requires batteries in order to operate along with a compressed air instead of a CO2 air tank. Electronic markers are capable of firing multiple firing modes including 3 round burst, ramping and full auto usually. These firing modes are often used in local and national paintball tournaments but allow players to be more competitive even in recreational play at the local paintball park.  
10. Cheap Paintball Guns - Are they worth it?
11. Compressed Air Tank or CO2 Air Tank?
12. Electronic Hoppers or Cheap Hoppers
13. Paintball Gun Packages
14. 50 Caliber Paintball Guns
15. Buy From Companies Who Will Support You! At Pro Edge Paintball we offer a free Lifetime Service Warranty when you buy your paintball gun from us. This includes free cleanings and servicing on your paintball gun if it was purchased from Pro Edge Paintball. This is an unlimited service and cleaning warranty as long as you are the original owner of the paintball gun. If you buy from an online store, they most likely will send you to the maker of the gun if you have problems. This means sending the marker to them for sometimes weeks at a time. If you buy from a local store who has a good track record of supporting their customers, they will most likely handle the issue in house and have you back out playing in only a few days!
I hope this helps you in your buying experience! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to give our store a call! 
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