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Paintball Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a scope on my paintball? 


Yes and no, depends on type of gun you have. Most tactical guns have rails that can fit scopes on them. 


90% of speedball guns do not have rails so you are unable to mount a scope. 

The Other 10% of speedball guns do have upgrade options. (body kits, upgrades, or after market barrels mounts to fit scopes on them) 




How long do paintball games last? 



It all depends on the type of field you are playing on. If you play on most speed ball games last about 5 to 12 minutes. If you are playing in the woods, games can very on game type. So if the game has missions or a objectives. They can last about 10 to 30 minutes. 


Is paintball dangerous? 


We think paintball is one of the safest sports. Not any more dangerous then basketball or football. You have goggles designed to protect your eyes face and ears. Barrel socks to cover the paintball marker when you are in a staging area. All paintball fields have strict rules to keep your paintball marker at a safe velocity, which is between 280-300fps. (Feet Per Second) 


Will I get injured if I play paintball? 


That is a tough question due to ways you can play paintball. As long as you have all the proper safety equipment on while playing you should not get injured. However accidents do happen. It could be as small as a twisted ankle to the wind getting knocked out of you if you take a hard dive. We recommend playing with in your boundaries, just because you saw some one else dive head first does not mean you should!! Make sure you have all the proper safety gear.


Do paintballs stain? 


I would say no because most paintballs nowadays are mostly water based. With other washable filling. Even with the higher level paintball with thicker fill. They will not stain if you wash the clothes within a few days. 



What makes a good paintball mask? 


Thermal lens are one of the things you would want to look for in a good mask. What are thermal lens? What we like to say is mask are like shoes. What might fit us might not fit you. Comfort is the most important features you would want to look for in a mask. Because if you're not wearing a comfortable mask your going want to keep taking it off. You are wearing your mask 100% of the time you are playing. So find something that will not hurt or bother your ears, noise, and checks. 


Can I fill my paintball tank with my compressor at home? 


If it is a small tire or tool compressor the psi output (pressure per square inch) is in the hundreds. That will not be able to fill the tanks. Because paintball tanks psi (pressure per square inch) requires in the thousands. 


How do I start a paintball team? 


It's really easy to start a team. If you and your friends can easily start a teams. Also if you do not have enough friend to start a team. You can play at your local field and find teams that are looking for players. 


How far do paintballs shoot? 


Paintballs will travel 150 to 200 feet accurately in most cases. The wind and velocity setting of the paintball gun can play a roll in the distance paintball guns will shoot accurately. 


Why does my paintball mask fog up? 


Paintball masks tend to fog up due to the humidity or condensation inside of your mask. This can worsen if the paintball lens inside the mask is not a thermal lens that helps regulate the condensation between the two pants of the lens. Most rental paintball masks have a single pane lens while the upgraded and better paintball masks include a thermal or double pane lens to prevent fogging. 


How do I clean my paintball barrel? 


To clean your barrel easily, look into a paintball squeegee. This device pushes the paint and debris from playing out of your barrel. Some squeegees are made to work while still attached to the paintball gun but some require you to remove the barrel to completely clean the barrel out. If you have old dirt or old paint stuck inside the barrel, run some warm water and let the barrel soak for 20 minutes prior to using your squeegee. This will help loosen up the debris without scratching the inside surface of the barrel. 


Do all paintball guns shoot the same distance? 


Yes, all paintball guns must shoot at a speed of 280-300 feet per second. In order to stay within the safety guidelines at most paintball parks paintball guns must be regulated within this range of speed prior to playing. Regardless if the paintball gun costs $50 or $1500, the speed of the paintball must remain the same in order to provide a safe playing environment. 


Due to all paintball guns having to shoot the same speed or velocity, the distance in which the paintball guns shoot stays the same as well. Unless you are shooting a "Sniper Paintball" or a First Strike Round paintball which is designed to travel further, all paintballs shoot the same distance. 


Do all paintball guns shoot the same speed? 


No as you can see from a little research, paintball guns vary in price. As the price of a paintball gun increases so do the perks and features offered. One of the most noticeable features that a more expensive paintball gun offers that a less expensive paintball gun doesn't offer is the ability to shoot more rapid or the ability to change firing modes. 


The more expensive the paintball marker the faster the paintballs can be fired. This is not referring to the speed but more so the number of paintballs that can be fired out of the barrel per second. High end paintball guns can shoot close to 20 balls per second while an entry level paintball gun can shoot close to 8 or 10 balls per second. 

The entry level paintball guns tend to be mechanical which slows down the firing mechanism inside only allowing the marker to fire a slow balls per second rate compared to the high end paintball markers using more technically advantages electronics and faster moving parts which allow the gun to cycle much quicker per second. 



Can I use my own paintballs at the paintball field? 


This a question can be answered yes and no. For example; in Houston most fields do not allow you to bring your own paintballs. 


The reason most local fields does this; is to make sure the paintballs do not stain your gear and the shells of the paintballs are not to hard. This could cause injury to the player and damage the equipment. It makes for a fun fair day of play when everyone is shooting the same type of paintballs. 


who can play paintball? 


Anyone can play paintball. Most fields allow any one over the age of 8 years old to play. Some fields even offer a low impact style of play for the younger players, also known as .50 Cal! We have people of all ages who play from 8 to 80 years old. SO GET OUT AND PLAY!!!! 



Do I need to be in shape to play paintball? 


No! There is a style of play for everyone. If you are not a fan of running around, checkout woodsball. This is a slower style of play that will allows you to creep around nice and slow. 


If you like more in your face, dead sprints to the 50 yard line. Try speedball, it is a lot faster style of play. 



Should I wear a cup to play paintball 


Every one here at the shop choose not to wear a cup. They tend to be uncomfortable to wear while playing. In paintball you move arounf a bit different than most sports. With the cup on it begins to punch you which is not the best feeling. 


We prefer to wear a paintball slide short. This offers groin protection and hip protection from paintballs. 


How do I clean paintball? 


How we clean paintballs here at Pro Edge is we get a large towel ( don’t use mom’s nice towels for this) poor all the paintballs out of the bag on to the towel. Pick out the damaged/broken paintballs, and then gently massage the paintballs between the towel.This will take away most of the liquid paint off the remaining non-broken paintballs. 


What shoes should I wear to play paintball? 


All of Pro Edge would recommend to wear a pair of very comfortable shoes. You will be standing and running all day and no one wants to have their feet hurting. However, we recommend to check the weather before hand to see if you can wear normal shoes or wear cleats. It's never fun slipping and sliding in mud when trying to have a great time! 



Is it scary to get shot with a paintball? 


Have you ever been popped with a towel or snapped with a rubber band? It feels very similar to that. However while playing, your adrenaline starts pumping and the shot hurts a lot less then what most people think and will tell you. 



How much does it cost to play paintball? 


Paintball is as expensive as you make it. A average rate for a day of playing is $60-$90 for entry, rental gear, and paintballs. (This will vary from field to field) 


Paintballs are very flexible on price. Anywhere from $10 for $100 rounds to $60 for box of 2000 rounds. Each paintball Field prices may very in paintball prices. 


(What is the difference between CO2 and HPA for paintball?) 


CO2 is a liquid that turns into a gas and is filled by the weight of the bottle. While HPA is a compressed air in a bottle with a gauge to show you the air inside the tank. 


While CO2 is cheaper is does give you more shots per fill compared to a HPA tank. However, HPA tanks will have a more consistent shot over the chronograph (the speed tester for the guns) 



(How do I clean my paintball mask?) 


Using a micro fiber to wipe off the paint then using a wet cloth to clean up the rest. You never want to put water directly on your lens to avoid getting water in between the lens. 


(Do they make paintball machine guns?) 


There is a mode on electronic guns that will make it shoot faster then you are pulling the trigger. This is not a full-auto mode. However, you can shoot yo yo 12+bps if you pull the trigger faster enough. 


(How do I store my extra paintballs?) 


If you finish a day of playing and still have have paintballs left over. Storing them in a temperature contorted environment. For example, your room or a place where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate consistently. 



(Do they make sniper paintball guns?) 


Yes, however you do have to shoot a certain gun and a certain paintball to achieve this “sniper” like gun. 


Use any mag fed gun that is able to shoot first strike rounds. A first strike round is a “paintball bullet”. Dinner on the back for better accuracy and distance. 



(How do I put on a paintball mask?) 


Put the elastic strap on your head and stretch the mask over your face. This will help especially with glasses. Making sure to have foam make a seal around your eye area. 



(How do you fill a paintball pod?) 


When filling a paintball pod, you want to make sure there is no empty space in the pod. This will cause the pod to shake, giving away your spot on the field. To fix this issue fill the pod all the way to the top shake it lightly with the cap locked down. If it still shakes add a paintball until the shake stops. 



(What are paintballs made of?) 


Paintballs are made of food grade products. Yes you can eat them, we will say, they don’t taste that good. The shell is a gelatin with the full being non-toxic water based dyed polypropylene glycol. 


(How do I put on a paintball pack and harness?) 


To put on a paintball pack you want to make sure the pods falls out of the bottom of the pack. This means the strap need to pointing towards your legs. You want to wear the pack on your hips. If you wear it to high it might be harder to breath. 


(How to put my paintball gun on safety?) 


If you have a mechanical gun. There will be a safety above the trigger. To put these style of guns on safety, you push the button above the safety until you no longer see a red ring on the left side of the gun. 


If you have a electronic gun, your safety will be the power button. By turning off the gun, this will put the safety on. 


(Can I freeze paintballs?) 


One of the most historic questions in paintball. No you can not! With the way paintballs are made now you can not freeze your paintballs. If you were to try the paintballs would sweat, a cold glass of water on a hot summer day. This will ruin the your paintballs. 






Can I use real gun oil on my paintball gun? 

How do I know if I run out of air on my paintball gun? 

Why isn't my paintball gun shooting straight? 

What's the difference in cheap and expensive paintballs? 

How old do I have to be to play paintball? 

Does it hurt to get shot with a paintball? 



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