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Tippmann Stormer Basic Package - Black with HPA

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Learn About the Tippmann Stormer:

The new Tippmann Stormer is a completely modular .68 caliber marker for all levels of play but is most commonly purchased for newer players. The Tipmann Stormer is a highly recommended choice for beginner players looking for a reliable, tactical looking paintball gun that is easy to use and understand. 

The Stormer design is one of our Top 3 most recommended entry level paintball guns for younger or newer players. This paintball gun is not very heavy but isn€™t as light as the Azodin Kaos paintball guns if weight is a concern. 

The Stormer Basic features the most reliable in-line bolt system with a high-impact composite body for durability and long lasting performance. Some players often call the Tippmann brand the Tillman brand by mistake. 

Learn more, watch our Tippmann Stormer videos here! 

Features & Pro Edge Rating:

  • Items Included °: Stormer basic Paintball Gun, Tool Kit, Spare O rings, and Barrel cleaner, HSTL Thermal Mask , HK 48/3000  Tank (Not Filled), 200 round hopper and 500 paintballs
  • Paintball Caliber °: .68 Caliber
  • Compatible Hopper °: .68 Caliber Hoppers
  • Compatible Air °: CO2 and HPA (Compressed Air)
  • Other Items Needed °Air Tank , Hopper , Paintballs
  • Weight °: 2lb 9 oz
  • Length °: 20 ¼€
  • Efficiency 20oz Co2 Tank (Estimated) °1200 Shots
  • Efficiency 48/3000 Tank(Estimated) °800 Shots
  • Player Designed For °: Beginner
  • Style Designed For °: Recreational & Woodsball
  • Tactical Attachments Available (Shop Here): Yes
  • Barrel Accuracy Grade (A,B,C) °: B
  • Durability Grade (A,B,C) °: A
  • Reliability Grade (A,B,C) °: A
  • Manufacturer Warranty Included °: Yes
  • Qualifies for Pro Edge Return Policy °: Yes
  • Qualifies for Pro Edge Service Warranty °: Yes

Technical Info:

  • Cleaning and Maintenance °ï»¿Tools, 10-20 minutes
  • Internal Design °: Mechanical (No Battery Required)
  • Materials Design °High impact Composite  
  • Rapid Fire Capable °: No
  • Rate Of Fire ° 8-10 Balls Per Second
  • Fire Modes °: Semi Automatic (One shot per pull)
  • Barrel Length °: 10"  Ported Barrel
  • Barrel Upgradeable °: Yes
  • Barrel Threads °: 98 Threads
  • Firing Velocity & Speed °: 260 FPS - 315 FPS
  • Double Trigger °: Yes
  • Air Transfer Design °: Internal Gas Line
  • External Velocity Adjustment °: Yes
  • Hopper Attachment °Adjustable Feed neck
  • Assembly Required °Yes

This is our favorite beginner kit for new players getting started. It includes everything you need to play with a reliable, safe and no fog mask plus an easy to clean and reliable paintball gun and air tank. 


    Customer Reviews

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    Great package for beginners! I just got into the sport and this has everything I need to get out there and playing




    Nice package to get started, everything works great and shipping was quick