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Tiberius First Strike Tank 13/3000

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Tiberius First Strike 13/3000 Alloy Compressed Air Tank

The First Strike 3K aluminum air systems features a robust design and high quality 3000psi Adjustable output regulator. The First Strike regulator is the lowest profile 3000psi paintball regulator in the industry measuring just .75 inch from the tank to ASA. The FS regulator  features the FS Pro Low Profile burst disks, the PRO Fill Nipple with allen key removal, and high quality micro gauge. The regulator is 100% user serviceable using only two allen keys for all maintenance. Coupling the 800psi output pressure and multiple sizes makes the First Strike 3K aluminum air system a true winner.


  • 360 Degree Rotation €“ Multi-position brass thread collar enables custom set-up without sacrificing reliability, convenience, or adding length
  • Brass Threads €“ In addition to rotation 360 degrees, the brass collar eliminates the excess wear and galling common with aluminum threads
  • Pro Fill Nipple €“  Featuring an exclusive conical strut that increases life of the fill nipple o-ring and reduces maintenance
  • Pro Burst Disks €“ Exclusive flush brass pro burst disks with quad vent technology offer regulator safety without sacrificing low profile design
  • Low Profile Design €“ Lowest profile regulator design in the market measuring just .75" from tank to ASA
  • ISO Certified with 5 year Hydro test date


Pro Edge Description: 13/3000 Tiberius

  • Shipped: Empty (No Air Inside)
  • Filled With: HPA (Compressed Air) Only
  • Weight: 1lbs 1.3oz
  • Length: 10€
  • Cylinder Diameter: 2€
  • Shot Capacity Estimate: 150-250
  • Size: 13ci
  • Tank Pressure: 3000psi
  • Output Pressure: 850
  • Designed For:Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Players
  • Designed For: Recreational Play and Woods ball  
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Bottle Material: Aluminum 
  • Hydro Test Time:5 Years 
  • D.O.T./TC: Approved
  • Refill Locations: Paintball Stores, Paintball Fields
  • Best Compatible With: Mechanical Paintball Guns (No Battery Required) & Electronic Paintball Guns (Battery Required) 
  • Tank Cover Protection Recommended: No
  • Home Refill Requirements: 3000psi Compressor
  • Easy Read Fill Gauge
  • Estimated Refill Cost: $5.00 - $6.00 
  • Manufacturer Warranty Included:Yes
  • Qualifies for Pro Edge Return Policy:Yes


Message from Pro Edge Paintball:

Pro Edge Paintball was established in 2008 in Houston, TX.
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Our staff has over 20 years of paintball playing and retail experience. If you have any questions or would like any help in your paintball shopping experience do not hesitate to Email UsCall us at 713-896-8841  or message us on Instagram or Facebook




Customer Reviews

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Jake Thomas
Great tank for a pump.

This tank is a wonderful tank for a pump marker, it fits wonderfully on my phantom and my kp. The best thing about it is you never have to hydro test it because it falls into the 2" or less rule.