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Ninja SL2 Tank 77/4500 - Black Red - Choose Regulator (SKU 2399))

Original price $167.00 - Original price $312.85
Original price
$167.00 - $312.85
Current price $242.95
SKU 7149

The Ninja Lite compressed air tank is one of the best valued paintball tanks available. With the reliability of the Ninja brand and a lower price when compared to their Super Light systems, the Lite air system is a great value! The ninja brand makes what some say is the best airtank. 

Pro Edge Description: 

  • Shipped:Empty(No Air Inside) 
  • Filled With:HPA (Compressed Air)Only 
  • Weight: 2lb 1.1oz or 33.1oz
  • Length: 9"
  • Cylinder Diameter: 4.25 €œ 
  • Shot CapacityEstimate: 1300-1600 paintballs 
  • Size: 77ci 
  • TankMax Pressure: 4500psi 
  • Refillable:Yes 
  • Bottle Material:Carbon Fiber 
  • Hydro Test Time:5 Years - D.O.T./TC approved
  • D.O.T./TC: Approved 
  • Refill Locations:Paintball Stores, Paintball Fields 
  • Best Compatible With:Mechanical Paintball Guns,Electronic Paintball Guns  
  • Tank Cover Protection Recommended(Shop Here):Yes  
  • Home Refill Requirements:4500psi Compressor  
  • Estimated Refill Cost:$5.00 - $6.00 
  • Manufacturer Warranty Included:Yes - 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty 
  • Qualifies for Pro Edge Return Policy:Yes 
  • Made in the USA

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joseph scalia
It’s light and just right.

You see, this tank is well constructed with some material. I don’t know what exactly, but it’s constructed with something light, the tank is somewhat comparable to a standard 68ci tank, but this one has more cubes. So just like a muscle car, it’s always better with more cubes. Anyway, the reg I went with is a Pro V3 SLP. I just prefer the SLP’s since most modern markers seem to enjoy the lower pressures and if I need to it can easily be setup to be ran on markers that require SLP regs. 10/10 will 5 pack with this.

Ninja 77 tank

I absolutely love my 77 ninja tank as well as the pro v3. I love how it looks like a powerhouse reg but is $80 cheaper