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Ninja Compressed Air Tank With Adjustable Regulator 13 3000 - (SKU 2374)

Original price $69.95 - Original price $69.95
Original price $69.95
$71.95 - $89.85
Current price $71.95
SKU 2374

Pro Edge Description: Ninja- 13/3000

  • Shipped: Empty (No Air Inside)
  • Filled With: HPA (Compressed Air) Only 
  • Weight: 1lbs 1.2
  • Length: 9 1/2 €œ
  • Cylinder Diameter: 2€
  • Shot Capacity Estimate: 150-250
  • Size: 13ci
  • Tank Pressure: 3000psi
  • Output Pressure:  450 - 850psi Adjustable
  • Designed For:Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Players
  • Designed For: Recreational Play and Woods ball
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Bottle Material: Aluminum  
  • Hydro Test Time: 5 Years 
  • D.O.T./TC: Approved
  • Refill Locations: Paintball Stores, Paintball Fields
  • Best Compatible With: Mechanical Paintball Guns  & Electronic Paintball Guns 
  • Tank Cover Protection Recommended :No 
  • Home Refill Requirements:3000 Compressor
  • Easy Read Fill Gauge
  • Estimated Refill Cost:$5.00 - $6.00 
  • Manufacturer Warranty Included:Yes
  • Qualifies for Pro Edge Return Policy:Yes 
  • Made In USA

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Message from Pro Edge Paintball:

Pro Edge Paintball was established in 2008 in Houston, TX.
We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of customer service.
Our staff has over 20 years of paintball playing and retail experience. If you have any questions or would like any help in your paintball shopping experience do not hesitate to comment on YouTube Email UsCall us at 713-896-8841  or message us on Instagram or Facebook

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Best Tank

I play the one true paintball which is MAGFED and this is THE best tank! Adjustable pressure, easily serviced, the bottle doesn’t need to be tested, THE BEST tank. I get about eleven magazines on my EMF100 with this tank, more mags than I can carry or need. I know the tank is good because even when I am shooting a lot of paintballs, First Strike Rounds, they all go the same distance that means I have no shoot down every ball is hitting my target for sure! With this tank on my marker I am winning with out a doubt!