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JT 90g Prefilled Paintball CO2 Tank, 2 Pack

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JT Paintball 90gr CO2 air cartridges are pre-filled and fit most standard paintball markers with the proper adapter equipment (#model 40293 or 40298). Perfect for your main source of airpower or as a supplemental option if your core air tank runs low during a long-range or high firepower paintball event. They are lightweight and easy to store in your harness or pack for quick recharge when you are in the heat of a paintball skirmish. Is compatible with certain CO2-powered air guns see their manufacture site for details. Don't forget Paintballs!

  • The JT pre-filled CO2 air cylinder requires the use of an adapter
  • Easy to reload
  • Non-refillable, please recycle
  • Can be used with some airguns
  • Provides up to 300 effective shots during normal play
  • Compatible JT adapter models # 40293 or #40298

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Joseph Dresser
Cheaper then Amazon

Good tanks and cheaper here than Amazon