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HK Army Paintball Tank Regulator Extender-Blue

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The Black HK Army Tank Regulator Extender allows for players to increase the length of their paintball tank without buying a different air tank. As younger players grow and get taller or as your style of play changes, the length of your paintball tank can make all the difference on how comfortable your paintball setup is.

If you are looking to extend your air system without spending a lot of money and having to buy a new paintball tank, consider the HK Army regulator tank extender. This tank extender gives you an additional 1.5 inches of length without adding the weight a larger tank would add. This tank extender would also work on a CO2 paintball tank if you are needed a longer CO2 tank setup for some reason.

If you are near our store, stop by and try on the HK Army tank extender with your air system and paintball gun to see exactly how it would feel before you buy it. We usually carry all colors in stock. 

HK Army Paintball Tank Regulator Extender

Hk Army Tank Regulator Extender Features:

  • Durable aluminum to take the abuse
  • Multiple color choices to match your gear
  • Flat sides machined to assist in removal
  • Adds minimum weight to setup
  • Adds 10+ H Points to your HK Army skills.
  • Easily screws on to the top of any paintball tank regulator
  • Double o ring to help prevent leaks
  • 1.5" Inch length 

Customer Reviews

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I grew so i needed a longer tank, but I wasn’t tryna spend the bread for a whole new tank, so i got this and it fits perfect now