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Pro Edge Description: 

  • Shipped: Empty (No Air Inside)  
  • Filled With: HPA (Compressed Air) Only  
  • Weight: 2.3lbs or 35.5oz  
  • Length: 11” 
  • Cylinder Diameter: 4” 
  • Shot Capacity Estimate: 1200-1600 paintballs 
  • Size: 68ci 
  • Tank Pressure: 4500psi  
  • Output Pressure:  800psi 
  • Designed For: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Players  
  • Designed For: Recreational Play, Woods ball, Speedball  
  • Refillable: Yes   
  • Bottle Material: Carbon Fiber  exterior and high grade aluminum construction
  • Hydro Test Time: 5 Years  
  • D.O.T./TC: Approved  
  • Refill Locations: Paintball Stores and Paintball Fields 
  • Best Compatible With:  All paintball guns 
  • Tank Cover Protection Recommended (Shop Here): Yes  
  • Home Refill Requirements: 4500psi Compressor  
  • Estimated Refill Cost: $5.00 - $6.00  
  • Manufacturer Warranty Included: Yes  
  • Qualifies for Pro Edge Return Policy: Yes  
  • Available in 5 Colors

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Learn about the Empire 68 Mega Lite Air Tank:

Empire Mega Lite Systems offer a more affordable option to the player who wants to upgrade to a High Pressure Air system. These high quality air systems feature an aluminum regulator that provides steady performance and reliability. With a five-year retest cycle, these Empire Basic tanks will operate for many years of quality performance.

Pro Edge #1 Recommended compressed air system. 

Pro Edge recommendation: The regulator on the Empire air tanks will do everything a player needs it to.

In the case where you would like increase or decrease the output pressure or upgrade your tanks regulator our recommendation would be the Powerhouse Regulator. These are the top of the line performing regulators with all of the options you could need in a reg. 


Message from Pro Edge Paintball:

Pro Edge Paintball was established in 2008 in Houston, TX.
We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of customer service.
Our staff has over 20 years of paintball playing and retail experience. If you have any questions or would like any help in your paintball shopping experience do not hesitate to comment on YouTube Email UsCall us at 713-896-8841  or message us on Instagram or Facebook

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Brendon Baker
Fast and friendly service!

Very pleased with how quick and the buying process of my first ever 4.5k tank! 10/10 will come back!

Ray Piper
paintball tank

i bought this tank a couple of weeks ago and it works great and fits great.

David Ortega
Perfect add on to the Mini GS

The friendly staff gave me some insight on this item and also suggested the color to best match my marker.

Light weight

So light it’s invisible 🤪

Empire 68/4500 Thank

Its a game changer because of its light weight and air capacity and its price.
I do recommend.