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Dye LTR Paintball Hopper-Black

Original price $109.95 - Original price $124.95
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$109.95 - $124.95
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Learn about the Dye LTR Hopper:

Looking for the most durable, fastest feeding and one of the easiest paintball hoppers to clean? The DYE LTR rotor is the best paintball hopper ever made if that is what you are looking for! 

For under $150, the LTR utilizes proven DYE loader technology that fuses top-notch functionality with mind-blowing feed rates of over 30 balls per second and unmatched reliability. The Dye LTR electric hopper  is a great for for all Dye, Empire, Planet Eclipse, Luxe and other reliable and high performing electronic paintball guns 

The Patented Rotor technology provides smooth, consistent, and rapid feeding to use with any .68 caliber electronic paintball gun out there. The shell is the most durable paintball shell ever made so do not worry about dropping it or playing a little rough out there.  

Features & Pro Edge Rating:

  • Capacity: 200 Rounds
  • Electronic Battery Required:  Yes. Blackops mode (no lights) for night games.
  • Battery Type: 3 x AA - Lasts 80,000 shots or 40 Cases of paintballs
  • Max Feed Rate: 30+ bps
  • Paintball Caliber: .68 Caliber
  • Compatible with: All .68 Caliber Paintball Guns
  • Cleaning & Maintenance: Tool less Disassembly to clean and change batteries
  • Setup Required:  Install batteries
  • Durability Grade (A,B,C) ) °: A
  • Designed For: Recreational Play, Woods ball and Speedball
  • Quick Change Lid: No
  • Speed feed Upgrade Available (Shop):  Yes
  • Weight: 21.2 oz
  • Height: 6.5€
  • Length: 9€œ
  • Manufacturer Warranty Included °: Yes
  • Qualifies for Pro Edge Return Policy °: Yes

We recommend this hooper to use on all electronic paintball guns, such as those by Empire, Dye, Planet Eclipse and Luxe paintball! 

Message from Pro Edge Paintball:

Pro Edge Paintball was established in 2008 in Houston, TX.
We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of customer service.
Our staff has over 20 years of paintball playing and retail experience. If you have any questions or would like any help in your paintball shopping experience do not hesitate to comment on YouTube Email UsCall us at 713-896-8841  or message us on Instagram or Facebook

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Super fast hopper

Jean Aragundi
Best Experience!

Is so hard to buy online, get a good deal and have peace.
I am so happy with my 2 purchase.

Matthew Boudreaux
Good Loader

Just upgraded to this and it works great ! The speed feed is a must have

Vincent Bishop

It’s a great hopper. I am somewhat new to paintball and this hopper works amazing.

Felix Ramos

Very good hopper, and very fast