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Paintball Repairs and Maintenance

Pro Edge Paintball repairs and services nearly all makes and models of paintball guns, air tanks and paintball loaders produced in the last 10 years. If your paintball gun was made over 15 years ago, it becomes near impossible to find new parts and service for those makes and models.

Service Price - $30.00 + Parts

Mail in repairdrop off repair

When we repair paintball gear we also offer a 2 weeks service warranty. We are able to offer this warranty only for those markers we are able to buy new parts for.

Paintball Gun Repair Information

  • All repairs must be dropped off.
  • Repairs are completed in the order they are received.
  • 2-5 Business Day Turn-A-Around
  • 2 Week Repair Warranty*
  • Service Price = $30.00 For Labor + Cost of Parts if needed
  • If we are unable to repair your paintball gun you will only pay $15.00 compared to the $30 full price. This covers a small portion of our time where we attempted to repair and fix the repair. 
  • We do not repair most markers made before 2010. This is due to the lack of repair parts available for brands listed but not limited to. Bob Long, WDP Angel, Brass Eagle, Indian Creek, JT, Valken, Milsig. 
  • We do not repair the following paintball guns. Valken Proton, Valken Code, Valken M17, all Milsig paintball guns, Tiberius T4-T9, Smart Parts Ion, Smart Parts Impulse, all Smart Parts paintball guns, JT Impulse, autocockers of any kind, WDP Angels, Bob Long Intimidators, all Bob Long paintball guns.

*Most of our repairs will take 2-5 business days unless parts are needed to be ordered.

If you have any questions please call us at (800) 463 3339 or email us!

Gear and Gun Repair Info

In order to diagnose and repair an issue, it is best if we have as much information from you as possible. One of the most popular repair options is to take a video of your broken paintball gear or paintball marker having the issue. Sometimes issues with the gear isn't easily figured out so the most information helps so much. Sometimes we can help repair your paintball gear and guns over the phone but we typically need to see the gear in person to really figure out what is going on.

We do not charge to diagnose your repair issue but we do have a minimum of $10.00 once we start the repair process. This covers a small amount of the time we took to attempt the repair along with the parts that once they are installed, can not be used on any other paintball guns. This usually includes o rings or extremely specific parts.

Our 2 Week Repair Warranty

One of our best features we offer is our 2 week repair warranty. We understand issues that weren't there before can randomly show up soon after your gear has been brought in for repair. If you take your gear our within 2 weeks after having it repaired and the same issue or a related issue pops up, just bring your gear back into us! There is no reason you should have to pay for the same service again. We track all repairs electronically so we have the date when it was picked up along with the repair description. This covers you in case you lose your receipt from the repair. 

Gear Repair by Experienced Staff

All of our techs have 10+ years of paintball experience and our lead techs are actually paintball certified to repair the most popular brands. The most popular brands we repair are Planet Eclipse, Dye Precision, Empire Paintball and Tippmann paintball guns! These brands have been around for 20+ years and offer amazing repair warranties that we also honor. Instead of sending your paintball gear back to the manufacturer, bring it to us so we can get you back up and running in days instead of in weeks! We keep all types of parts on hand such as paintball orings, ball detents, solenoids and springs just to name a few. 

Pro Edge Paintball Service

If you are looking for a responsible and experienced repair team to work on your paintball gear and paintball guns, Pro Edge Paintball is the place to come. Call, Email or Chat with us online before stopping by and we will help answer any of your questions the best we can! Have fun playing!! 

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