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Virtue ACE Luxe X Paintball Gun

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 Learn About the Virtue Luxe Axe

 Video - Watch our Virtue ACE Luxe X Shooting Video

The Virtue Ace Luxe X is a joint effort of two of the most successful paintball companies in history. DLX has taken the Luxe X platform and built the Virtue Ace around it's top of the line firing system. The all new designed electronics in the gun now integrate seamlessly  with the new Virtue Spire IV. The Ace Luxe X paintball gun represents many ground-breaking firsts in collaboration from the ground-up between these leaders in the paintball industry.

Virtue Luxe Update

Update: After holding and seeing the Luxe X Ace in person we at Pro Edge have to say the features, design and quality are absolutely incredible. The seamless user experience in syncing the Virtue Spire IV and the Ace Luxe along with the high performance and physical feel in your hands puts this Luxe marker to the top of the podium when compared to the current 2020 high end paintball gun releases. 

Read More about the new Virtue Spire IV to see why it works so well with the Virtue Ace board upgrade. 

  • Easy connectivity between Ace and Spire IV
  • Maintained connection after turning marker off between points
  • Increased feed rate due to a cut down in loader sensing time
  • Light weight and new front grip design
  • Wireless iFI performance integration between the Virtue Ace gun board and Spire IV loader
  • Wireless control of settings and functions of the Virtue Ace gun board via Android or Apple devices.
  • Integrated, matching Chromatic parts on the Spire IV and Ace fore grip, back cap and grips.
  • Custom, Limited Edition body styling
  • Custom Ace trigger with racing groves
  • Highly limited edition colorways
  • Virtue Ace Custom Electronics
  • Wireless Loader Syncing
  • Live Bluetooth Programmable
  • Smart Stat Game Tracking