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Push Unite Paintball Mask

Learn About the Push Unite Paintball Mask

Push is a company started by players for players and their dedication to paintball shows in the products they come out with like the Push Unite Mask System! The Push Unite Mask System boasts features that have not been in paintball yet. The adjustable nose bridge to fit all types of faces, magnetic chin strap for easy clip on and off when taking a break from playing and its own mask case that comes standard on the Push Unite Mask system. I almost forgot about the 13 lenses Push has for the Unite Mask... yes THIRTEEN LENSES!  If there is a lens to match your set up or style, Push makes it!

Nose Bridge Adjustment System

The adjustable nose bridge system is a great addition to the Push Unite Paintball Mask. This allows one mask to fit a majority of faces. All Push Unite masks come with the Nose Bridge Adjustment System and the tool to adjust it to fit to your face how you like! It does more than help with comfort, it also helps make a good seal so no hot air from breathing can affect the thermal lens from fogging up. Push went above and beyond when making the Unite Mask.

Magnetic Chin-Strap

The Magnetic Chin-Strap is a feature that can be overlooked. In most tournaments and some fields it is required that you wear a chin strap while playing due to it being possible for the mask to fall off, it happens. Push came out with a magnetic version versus the standard buckle style chin strap you see on all other masks. The Magnetic Chin Strap makes it really easy to put the chin strap on, all you have to do is get the two sides of the chin strap close to each other and it will lock in to each other. No need to line them up or get your glove caught in the buckle. Push has made it extremely easy to get back onto the field in a flash!

Push Lens Options

The Push EXP-Lenses are optically correct, massive field of view, Quad layer anti-fog lens that ensures no fog while playing. They are on a level of their own with the many different color options to pick from. Thirteen color options for Push Unite Lenses include; Clear, Smoked, HD, Yellow Gradient, Clear Gradient, HD Gradient, Revo Purple, Revo Rose Gold, Revo Red, Revo Green, Revo Silver, Revo Blue and HD Gold. Shop the Push Lens colors and accessories here!  No matter the color of you Push Unite Mask, marker, jersey or hopper, there is a lens that will match the color scheme you are going for! This is just one more thing Push has done to set themselves apart from the competition of other paintball mask manufactures.

Protective travel case

What other goggle comes with it's own protective case for your mask? Only Push does it because every mask should have a case to store it in. This reduces accidental scuffs and starches on the lens and deformity of the rubber on the mask. If you just put your mask in your bag at the end of the day with no case you run the risk of damaging a lens or having the softer rubber of the mask bend and deform without you knowing till the next time you go out to play and then... it's too late. So we thank Push for thinking ahead and giving the player everything they need right off the bat!