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Planet Eclipse M170R Paintball Gun

  • Deadlywind Hair 45 Trigger Valve M170

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    M170 Deadly Wind Hair Trigger Upgrade Deadlywind and Planet Eclipse have created the best mechanical trigger you have ever felt. The Eclipse ...

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  • Infamous- Skull Backcap 170 - Silver

    Original price $119.95 - Original price $119.95
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    Turn heads with a custom milled back cap for your 170r.   Milled to match the existing 170R bodies, the skull back cap fits seamless on your marker...

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Learn About the Planet Eclipse M170R Below!

The M170r from Planet Eclipse is one of the most reliable and amazing shooting mechanical paintball markers out there today. With the proliferation of the mechanical only events, Planet Eclipse stepped up their game with the M170r. This insanely reliable and lightweight mechanical marker feels right at home on the tournament field being able to perform at the highest level and win events like the Iron City Classic, a famous mechanical only event that draws teams from all over the world. The simple design ensures that the gun is always working and giving you the performance you need to play at your very best.

Gamma Core

Powered by the tried and true Gamma Core the M170r delivers the best shot, shot after shot. Design with reliability at the forefront the Gamma Core is virtually bulletproof being able to take punishment again and again while still being able to perform as it should. Being able to work in -20 degrees to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit this marker is ready to play wherever you want to go and do its job. The Gamma Core is efficient, being able to shoot over 11 pods from a 68ci 4500psi tank when filled up.  That is over 1500 shots before running out of air, that is three whole bags of paint shot off of one air fill. You will be more worried about running out of paint than running out of air. The electronic version of this Eclipse gun offers the same bolt design and efficiency! Shop for the Planet Eclipse 170R Here


Upgrades and Accessories

Deadly Winds brings us the Hair Trigger Valve for the Planet Eclipse M170r. This quick installing valve just drops in and radically changes the trigger feel of your M170r. The Hair Trigger makes your M170r's trigger insanely short and light.  This gives you the fastest possible trigger on your mechanical paintball marker. With the adjustability of the trigger on the M170r you can find the shortest and fastest possible trigger setup for you!

Planet Eclipse M170 Bolt Upgrade

Planet Eclipse has released the ST.3 Bolt for the M170r. This soft face bolt is not concave in the front preventing ball roll back in the breech, which eliminates partial feeding of small sized paintballs. The soft face also caresses the ball when it is being fired, so no more ball slap meaning you can shoot the most brittle paint out there with no worries.

Mechanical Paintball

If you already have a Gtek 170r and are wanting to play mechanical, Planet Eclipse has your covered. The Planet Eclipse Gmek 170r Mechanical Frame kit is there to convert your 170r into a mechanical gun quick and easy. The frame coming in tan or black is an easy installation. Just remove your existing electronic frame from your Gtek 170r paintball marker, then remove the screws that hold on your POPS ASA on your electronic frame. Once that is completed, you will remove your POPS ASA and SL6 Inline Regulator then install them on your new mechanical frame, the regulator just slots right in and you use the screws from your electronic frame to hold it all together. After that simply install the mechanical frame onto your Gtek 170r and voila! you have a mechanical working gun! 

Watch the M170 In Action in our Video Here! 

The Planet Eclipse M170r is a top notch paintball gun regardless of whether or not it is electronic or mechanical. Having one in your hands will make you see why this marker is so popular and desired. Its stretched out design from frame to foregrip is there to ensure comfort and control when wielding the paintball gun. Its clean lines are reminiscent of a race car and the gun just screams to be let loose on any field.  Without a doubt you will never be unhappy that you have a M170r from Planet Eclipse.