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Deadlywind Hair 45 Trigger Valve - Emek

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Emek Deadly Wind Hair Trigger Upgrade

Deadlywind and Planet Eclipse have created the best mechanical trigger you have ever felt. The Eclipse Emek trigger isn€™t bad by any standard straight out of the box but with the installation of the Deadlywind Hair 45 upgrade, your recreation, mechanical Emek now turns into a smoother, faster shooting local field slayer! 

Deadlywind claims the Hair trigger upgrade for the Emek creates a trigger that is 4 times shorts and 5 time sighted than the trigger valve that comes standard in the Emek. 

Deadlywind Hair 45 Valve Emek

Quick Valve Installation

This drop-in trigger valve upgrade unlocks the full potential of the Planet Eclipse mechanical guns, allowing you to keep up with the best of rest. 
To install the Hair Trigger valve you just unscrew the two frame screws on the Emek.

Once you have removed the frame you will slide the older valve out of the top of the Emeks frame and slide the new Hair valve into the frame. 

The Emek trigger is not  adjustable like the Eclipse  M170 is so check out the Inception Designs Fang trigger as well. 


Shop the Deadlywind Hair M170 trigger here

The hAir 45 keeps safety functionality and is tournament legal in that it has zero increased force on the trigger after firing.

 If you have any questions about the upgrade for your Emek, be sure to give us a call or stop by anytime. Also any upgrades purchased from Pro Edge Paintball including the Deadlind Hair trigger valve will be installed for free. 

Customer Reviews

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a must have

I noticed a huge difference when I upgraded my valve to the DW hair valve. Gun absolutely rips now!!!

Neil Duran

Deadlywind Hair 45 Trigger Valve - Emek

David Willis

Deadlywind Hair 45 Trigger Valve Emek