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Empire Syx Axe Paintball Gun

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Learn About The Empire Syx 

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The Empire Syx is the sixth iteration of the Axe platform. This amazing, affordable platform has had all the stops pulled out so that it performs amazingly well and is at a great price point. The new body design and upgraded features make this a gun that feels great in your hands and just a joy to use..


Empire Syx Features

The Empire Syx 1.5 has done away with the Relay Regulator from previous models and has tucked its regulator into the frame similarly to that of Planet Eclipse guns. This means a new ASA for the Syx 1.5 so no more of that bulky regulator stick out at the bottom of the grip frame, the new ASA is sleek and smooth on the gun with a side mounted on/off lever that has been updated to not open so easily the new lever is shorter and feels much better to use than previous versions. Hidden in the bottom of the new ASA is the velocity adjuster with directional arrows pointing to which way you need to turn to adjust the velocity up or down. Moving up to the grip frame the first thing you will notice is the contoured rubber wrap around grips that make the grip frame feel great in the hands.


The trigger has been updated as well, not feeling like an Axe 2.0 or Mini GS trigger the pivot of the trigger and its feel of activation make it feel like the Vanquish GT from Empire which is great because who does not want a high end trigger feel on their mid-level gun? Going to the front grip the new stretched out design makes the Syx 1.5 more comfortable in the hands and the contours on the grip make it so that your fingers find purchase on it quickly reducing slippage when swapping hands. Inside the front grip is the battery compartment cleverly hidden behind the front face panel of the front grip, it is easily removed with a quick push of a button discreetly located under the barrel. On the Syx 1.5 the battery compartment is a little tighter and with the foam installed you will not have your battery moving around inside of it making you think something might be loose.


On the back of the front grip is your screen, yes your Syx 1.5 comes with a screen much like the redline board upgrade for the Axe or Mini GS, to tell you all the info you need like what firing mode you are in or in the programmable menus you have options like dwell to adjust. The screen on the Syx 1.5 is 20% brighter than on the previous version of the board making it much easier to read on bright sunny days at the field. The removal of the engine is new, pulling up on the back cap turning in clockwise and the whole bolt system just effortlessly comes out. When looking at the new engine you will instantly think of the Axe 2.0 but notice some differences immediately.


The first one is that the system in longer than that of the Axe allowing the engine to hold a higher volume of air making it much softer on paint, this engine is truly capable of shooting the most brittle of paint. Next the poppet has be redesigned, gone is the flat plastic cap, it is now replaced with a channeled and fluted brass poppet to help direct airflow and the seal has been updated with a large O-ring to ensure the seal. These new updates and features make the Syx 1.5 one amazing shooting gun and you will not be disappointed with its performance or handling.


Empire Boss Syx

The Boss Syx released by Boss Paintball is a cool take on the Empire Syx 1.5. The Boss Syx has all the same great features you come to rely on from the Syx 1.5 but with some loving touches from Boss. The updated trigger guard gives the player even more room between the front grip and the grip frame

accommodating the largest of hands. It also comes with an extra barrel back in matching ano to start you on a barrel kit for your gun. Most impressively though is the cool anodized design on the Boss Syx. The geometric pattern almost breaks away to reveal the Empire logo on top of a stunning red and black acid wash look. The Boss Syx is a great looking gun.


Syx vs Shocker XLS

The Syx 1.5 is not as light as the Shocker XLS but is pretty close in weight. The XLS does win out on in the barrel department coming with a Freak XL barrel stock with one .687 insert against the Driver Barrel of the Syx. Both have easily read screens that give the user all the needed information to operate the gun at the highest levels. Both will shoot extremely brittle paint with ease. Where the Syx wins out is ease of maintenance. The Syx is incredible easy to maintain and parts for the gun, should they ever need to be replaced are low cost. If you are upgrading from an Axe 2.0 or Mini GS then working on the Syx will make you feel right at home and that is important because no one wants to be lost or confused when working on their paintball marker, especially if they are at the field and in a hurry.


Syx vs Axe 2.0

The Empire Syx 1.5 is the big brother and sixth iteration of the Axe platform. The spaced out front grip with comfy, contoured rubber grip and the more pronounced grip frame with wrap around rubber grips make the Syx 1.5 wildly more comfortable and enjoyable to hold over the Axe. The front grip houses your batteries behind a push button quick release access door cleverly disguised as the front contoured grip, so having to remove four screws to get to your battery is a thing of the past. The Syx 1.5 comes standard with an OLED screen that uses two button to scroll through the menu options, to get that on the Axe 2.0 you will need to buy the Redline Board upgrade kit. The Syx 1.5 is lighter weight and softer on paint than the Axe 2.0 meaning you can shoot any paint at any time of the year and know that your gun will not break it just because it is shooting. If you love the Axe platform and want to take it to is maximum then the Syx 1.5 is for you!