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12 Gram Co2 Tanks

  • Valken- 12 Gram Co2

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    12 Gram Co2 CartridgeNote: Since all 12 Gram Co2 cartridges are filled with air, they can only be shipped UPS Ground or USPS Parcel Post..

12 Gram paintball CO2 tanks are becoming more in demand than ever with the growing of magazine fed paintball games. The 12 gram CO2 cartridge used in paintball guns is the same CO2 tank that is used in most BB guns. The Tippmann and Tiberius paintball pistols both take the standard 12 gram co2 tank and gives you about 15 to 20 shots out of one cartridge. 12 Gram tanks are a one time use cartridge meaning that once the tank is punctured, you have to use all of the air inside of the 12 gram.  If you are looking for twelve gram CO2 tanks be sure to stop by or give us a call if you have any questions.