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HK Army Sonic Hopper vs Spire IR2 Shooting


Hey guys, John and Tony out here at TXR paintball. We're going to do a HK sonic loader versus the Spire IR-2. Check it out.
We have the Planet Eclipse CS-3 that Tony is shooting, it's set to ramping, a cap at 20 balls per second. Personal Planet Eclipse GSL set to 20 balls per second. The HK sonic loader, brand new loader, supposed to have a little bit slower feed rate from my understanding. It only takes one nine-volt battery, but from the playing that we've done with it, it seems to keep up pretty well. Then we have the good old trusty, Virtuspire IR-2.

Product Details and Pricing

Everybody likes it. Both of these are going to be about $100 range. Let's see how they shoot. They both cap at 20 balls per second. We're trying to make sure that we can set the guns faster than these can shoot. So, you can tell the feed rate difference.
Go ahead and shoot that one there first.
Pretty quick.
You can hear a little variation in the speed a little bit.
Oh, yeah.

Okay. Again, sonic load or brand new, one nine volt. I think it's a little bit lighter than the IR-2 as well. Brand new loader. But if you're going to go throw this on.
Your mini, your AX, or you're looking for entry level loader, I think you really can't go wrong with either one of them. No, not really. Go ahead one more time. One more time. Let's see what that is.
All right. We just finished up our HK sonic loader versus our Spire IR-2, and pretty happy with both of them. We don't know the official price yet on the HK sonic loader, but we both think what, about a hundred dollars?
Yeah, that's what we've been hearing.

What we're hearing on that? What are your thoughts so far on both of them?
Man, so they both fed really well. I like that they both used that Virtue Spire Speed feed. The low profile and size of the sonic loader from HK is super neat. I like that a lot. I think they'll both keep up with the 10.5 ramping. Great.
We definitely saw a faster or more consistent feed rate from the at a higher rate of fire. But, Tony had a good point. When the IR2 first released, it was a $130 loader. Let's say the sonic loader comes out at $90 and the IR2 is where it was $120, $130, you're definitely, of course, for a little bit lower price loader. You definitely think you get full bang for your buck here.
Both of them are tool-less. Both of them are easy to clean. The sonic loader main difference is a little bit slower feed rate and a nine-volt battery compared to three AA batteries.

Three AAs, yeah.


If you're looking to save a few bucks and you like the HK brand over Virtue, I would definitely say pick up the HK sonic loader. I don't think either one of them you're really going to go wrong with. But yeah, check these out, proedgepaintball.com. Hopefully we have some more videos and more feedback. If you guys have any questions that we didn't answer, make sure to comment below. And as always, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thank you guys for watching.

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