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HK Army Folding Joint Gun Stand


Hey, guys. John Jackson here with Pro Edge Paintball. Today, I've got the new HK Army Joint Folding Gun Stand. So, this is a cool little Gun Stand that HK Army's made. It's a very lightweight, compact, fold-able Gun Stand. And I was confused at why somebody would need something like this until you start thinking about when you go to the local field, very rarely do you have a place to actually stand your gun up to load it or to just keep it off the ground or from leaning up against somebody else's stuff. So the more I looked into it, the more I thought about it, it's actually a pretty cool little item.

Product Details and Pricing

These are available in $29.95, so not too crazy expensive. They don't take up a lot of room in your gear bag, and they seem pretty sturdy. So, it's made out of plastic. It's flexible. So, see that there. So, flexible in the front, so when you put them on there, but they fold up, pretty cool, pretty nice. So again, $29.95, these are available in 10 different colors on our website, proedgepaintball.com. You've got your purple, your green, black, clear, your pewter or silver, gold, blue, silver and glow in the dark, and red.

So, it's cool.

Glow in the Dark actually works. Turn off the lights. You can see it pretty cool. So a couple of the features on this that I didn't know about originally looking at it, it's got a ball size or here. So, if you're trying to boar size your paint and you don't have a full kit, you can tell by matching it up which one fits the best. And let's see here, each one of them actually on the front, you probably can't see that actually has a number next to it. So it lets you know what boar size that paint is. Kind of a cool idea. Underneath here it's got a spot you can put a couple of extra o-wings. So, if you want to put your tank o-wings or maybe something particular goes out on your gun often and you're worried about it, maybe like a remote line hose o-ring. That's not a bad idea. It's got a couple of spots in here. You can put a couple of o-ring and store them in there.
So, pretty cool idea there.

A couple of features that I personally would have never thought of in a Gun Stand.
It's cool.

So again, available in a couple of colors inside the package, you'll find a little sticky tab here. So, it's got rubber on one side of it. And I didn't call HK to find out what this is for, but I assume it's going to be either for your barrel tip, you can cut it to fit. So, one side is like a double side tape or tape on there. It's sticky and the other side is just like a rubber, soft rubber to keep your gun from rubbing up against the plastic. So, you can actually stick it on the front. And if you're worried about your tank sliding on the back here, you can stick it on the side here. The way they did this finish here, though, it's snug. It's got a sticky feel to it. It's not a smooth plastic so much. So, it's cool on that one. So, I've got a gun here. I've got a Houston Heat, T-M-40. I've got an Empire 80 bottle on there. So, I'll show you what it looks like. And I didn't put the sticky on there, but it doesn't seem like it moves too much unless I'm trying to force it to.

And you can see the front flex a little bit when I put weight on there. So, if you had your hopper on top of it, you'd be able to open your lid, pour your paint on there, and keep it ready to go when you're ready to go play. Go play, go play, pull it off, pull it up. Good to go on there. Not bad for a low cost little upgrade item. This is a great gift idea. If you have a buddy of yours or boyfriend, girlfriend, anything like that that plays and you're not really sure what to get them, this is something I don't think a lot of people would buy on their own or they even know exists. It's a pretty low key item. We don't sell a ton of them at the store because I think a lot of people don't know about it. But it is a pretty cool little item as a stocking stuff or as a gift, a random, hey, you're awesome type gift idea. For $29.95 I don't think it's overpriced at all. We haven't had any of these returned for being broken or anything, so that's a good thing.

A lot of people were worried about it when they first touched it to see how it would hold up. But I think as long as you don't slam it around or slam your gun on there when you're angry because you got shot or something like that, I think it'd be perfectly fine.


A super small compact, again available in 10 different colors, proedgepaintball.com. If you have any comments, if you've used one of these before and you like it or hate it, what not, give me a shout out below, comment below. Let me know what you think. Or if you have another gun stand that you like better, go and comment below because that way it helps other players find out if this is worth buying or if they should shop for another item. So, if you guys like the videos that I'm doing, please be sure to please like the video. That way this video shows up to other players like yourself. It helps YouTube, spread the name, spread the love, all the good stuff. And if you like weekly paintball review videos and different types of videos, go and subscribe to our YouTube channel. That way we can help our channel grow. Otherwise, guys, thank you so much for watching. We'll see you guys next time.

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